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The Bamio Bonnet's Legacy

No description

Iris Bamio

on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of The Bamio Bonnet's Legacy

The Bamio Bonnet's Legacy
Born Dec. 7, 1895 in Cangas.
Died Apr. 23, 1981 in Cangas.
Jose B. Bamio Gonzalez
Oct. 12, 1919
Born Dec. 27, 1896 in Pontevedra.
Died Feb. 9, 1981 in Cangas.
Aurelia Paz Pastoriza
Born Oct. 3, 1920 in Cangas.
Jose B. Bamio Paz
Born Jul. 27, 1924 in Pintens.
Died May 15, 2001 in Cumana (Venezuela)
Balbina J. Lorenzo Baqueiro
Sept. 15, 1948
Antonio Lorenzo Garcia
Born Jun. 28, 1893 in Pintens.
Died Jun.27, 1960 in Pintens.
Born Feb. 3, 1893 in Pintens.
Died Apr. 27, 1938 in Pintens.
Avelina Baqueiro Alonso
Jose A. Bamio Lorenzo
Born Dec. 23, 1905 in Baleares.
Died Nov. 28, 1972 in Cordoba (Argentina)
Margarita Huguet
Born Dec. 23, 1905 in Baleares (Spain).
Died Nov. 28, 1972 in Cordoba.
Margarita Huguet
Born Sept. 23, 1899 in Catamarca.
Died Apr. 20, 1957 in Cordoba.
Gustavo Bonnet Morales
Jun. 4, 1925
Gustavo A. Bonnet Huguet
Born May 31, 1928 in Rosario.
Died Jan. 22, 2002 in Barquisimeto (Venezuela)
Born Jul. 15, 1930 in Cordoba.

Nidia F. Corzo Suarez
Feb. 20, 1954
Born Jan. 21, 1896 in La Rioja.
Died Nov. 8, 1975 in Cordoba.
Juan Fructuoso Corzo
Born Jul. 12, 1907 in Cordoba.
Died Dec. 26, 1992 in Cordoba.
Maria Luisa Suarez
Jun. 22, 1929
Born Mar. 2, 1962 in Cordoba.

Luisa C. Bonnet Corzo
Born Mar. 2, 1962 in Cordoba (Argentina)

Luisa C. Bonnet Corzo
Born Dec. 21, 1955 in Caracas.
Jan. 31, 1986
Fisherman boss
Intelligent, always learning new things
Very good with mathematics
Chatty and full of jokes

Had a difficult childhood
Woman of few words
Sad nature
7 years in the military in 3 armed forces
Lived the
nal stage of the Spanish Civil War
Avid rea
er, chronicler and filing
clerk by choice
Painter, model maker and poet
Self-taught: electricity, accounting, mineralogy, astronomy, zoology...
He loved to read and read a lot
His mother was very respected by the people in town, even the parish priest would come to her for advice
Given up
by her parents to her
After her
grandmother, aunt and

passed a
way, she went to a school
ran by nuns and
paid her studies
Stood out
Dedicated to her family

They decided to emigrate to Argentina, taking only their youngest daughter with them.
Margarita had to raise her younger brother cause her mother passed away soon after giving birth.

His family was from France.
It seems his father had another family in Europe.
He worked as a train engineer.
He loved acting and started a traveling theater
Started performing very young.
Loved reciting poetry.
Incredibly good memory
She loved the countryside, to sow, ride horses.
Loved animals.

His father abandoned the family.
He had to quit school to work.
His first fiancee didn't marry him cause he was a mulatto
Worked as a train engineer.
Self-taught: science, mathematics, politics, philosophy...
Always had education as a priority.
Loved birds.
Dedicated to her family.
They trav
eled the world t
They decided to emigrate to a place where their children could have access to Education
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