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Group inquiry

No description

courtney lindsay

on 25 September 2012

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Transcript of Group inquiry

Q: What is the most powerful and most commonly used energy source?
A: The answer that we found from our research was solar energy. Group inquiry About solar energy: Solar energy is the energy you get from the sun. It gives you light and it also heats up anything like what some people have for their houses called solar panel. Solar energy is also the most powerful energy source. Some other places and countries they don’t have electric light and childrens can’t see at night to do their homework and some adults can’t do their work at night so what they use is they use solar power. At some countries, a lot of families use solar panels and and they cost a lot. Solar Products(equipment) skylight What’s the difference between solar power and solar hot water? What is solar hot water? Solar hot water uses the sun’s natural heat to increase or hold the temperature of hot water in a tank. With solar hot water, the amount of gas or electricity that’s normally used in this process is reduced while still maintaining a hot shower for you. Learn more about Solar hot water. Solar hot water in action: With a solar hot water system, you can help reduce your energy bill, as heating water is often one of the largest parts of your energy conservation. Solar power in action: Because a solar power system can help power your home, it could reduce the amount of electricity you need. In some states, for every kilo Watts per hour of electricity in excess of what you use. What is solar power? Solar power is electricity generated from the sun’s energy. With a solar power system, the panels handle sunlight to generate electricity. This power can be used to power the appliances in your home. solar energy solar hot water grid connect batteries by Courtney, Ofa and Jasmine wind panels solar pumps by jasmine, Ofa and Courtney
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