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Investigation wall:

No description

Valentina Ierardi

on 25 April 2016

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Transcript of Investigation wall:

Hassan Rohani (Iranian President),
Matteo Renzi(head of the Italian governament) Ilva Sapora (the head of the ceremonial
Italy, Rome and Vatican city

25-26 january 2016


Rohani came in Italy to talk about economy and investimentys in various sectors

Within the capitolini's museum had been covered, some naked sculptures in the step of the iranian president Rohani

Investigation wall:
the Rohani's case

Opinion from VALENTINA Rota
Iran's president in Italy
Interview to FRANCESCA OTTONELLO(an architect)
Opinion from SARA Ierardi
Rohani in Italy :TIMES
Rohani en Italia:El Pais
(spanish newpaper)
Rohani en Italie:LE FIGARO
The choice to obscure the nudity of some sculptures to the Capitolini's museum had created many controversy:
The Government seems ashamed of our roots and our history.
The respect for other cultures cannot and must not amount to the denial of our.
It is

a decision that offends Western culture.
It was the sign of a great Italian hospitality.

Miss Sapora (the head of the ceremonial) with an Iranian delegation did an
inspection before the coming of the Iranian president.
Some paths were discard from the Iranian security service ,therefore the only path to use was to switch Campidolio's square, then,to go up the stairs and to arrive to Capitolini's museum. The problem was that,this path acted the passage in front of several sculptures(naked),judged embarassing by Iranian government. The Iranian ambassador asked inperemptorily to cover the sculptures.
Sovraintendent Relation to cultural heritage
Controversy by the Italian
Interview to LUCA BIZZARRI (an actor)
Our Opinion
Who do we stay with?

The Italian government evidently did not anticipate the uproar that ensued. One cartoon showed a bewildered Mr. Rouhani, with the boxes in the background, asking Mr. Renzi: “Where did you bring me? Ikea?”.
Continue reading the main story,
but many Italian critics said the decision to box up the nudes was no laughing matter.
Italy has done everything possible because nothing disturb the visit to Rome of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and his huge entourage is six hundred ministers and businessmen , surrounded by a massive deployment of security, mostly when you consider the 17 billion the euro in contracts signed Monday night .

Italy had already shown that in the reception hosted by President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella , wine or any alcoholic beverage is not served.
Even if some politicians of the Northern League protested on Tuesday about covering the statues, they said " it seems crazy that the Italian government was willing to compromise the signing of agreements that will help to shelter Italian economy."

I think Italy have done the right thing, for many reason:
The first reason is : after the visit of Rohani in Italy he think now that Italy is an hospitable country.
Another reason is that Iranian delegation ten days before visit us in Italy ask indirectly (implied) to covered the sculpture, we couldn’t risk to offend them and lose the potential economic help.
On the other side most of the people think that doing that we offended in some way “the art”.
About the fact that they didn’t serve any wine at the dinner I think they did right, because if I invite a vegetarian at my table I will never serve him some meat, is just a question of respect.

I think that we didn’t do the right thing by covering our sculptures.
My reasons are:
- our art must be respected: if you go to a
foreign country you must respect its culture and we must demand the same for our country.Other countries now think we had done the wrong thing and I agree ,but they must know that not all the italian people agree with this choice.
- this choice was surely supported for economy reasons and money,but anyway another choice could be realized.
-There was also the case of wine,during the official dinner,and Italian Government decided not to serve wine.
I think it was a good deed to the Iranian president because our government did it to respect his religion.
My opinion is :
"Our culture must be respected by people who come from other countries but in the meanwhile it is aa deed of sensibility towards other religions.

"In Rome do as the Romans" it seems that this old saying has suffered an exception on the occasion of the visit of the Iranian president, the article claimed according to state regulations has been a form of respect to the culture and sensitivity Iranians. During the short visit of Rohani, the wine was banned from the boards of the official ceremonies, of the last Iranian President.
November, at the Eysee was cancelled. France refuses to give in to the desire of the Iranian president as he wished it a condition that there was no alcohol at the table.

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