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No description

Anthony Carrillo

on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of MATH

Do you also over think a question that is super easy and you get it wrong if you have you're a
human. I'm almost certain a lot of the world has done that in any subject.
Sometimes in math SOMEtimes in math it could feel painful like this...
And this...
Let me start of this in good words I'm not a math hater I'm just showing you how painful math can sometimes be very annoying.
Hello my name is Anthony and I will
be talking about math. I will be making
more presentations on other math subjects
and I will give my opinion on all of them
but today we will be talking about math all in one.
Its also funny how
most of the questions they
give you, you wouldn't do
In real life but I guess that they
want to make it harder on you.

Here is a short video on math called
"the night before the math test.''

I just really wish that I could
find a math game that would actually
be fun.
well my prezi may
be short but will sure
pack a punch.
anyway this concludes
our show/prezi well...
just prezi.
Well my opinion is math is
so much better than school
it self but hey that's why Aidan
is doing it on school am I'm doing math.

Sometimes I can see a math test like its grade 12 math when really it's so easy
sometimes you could get a random
test and some of the things you don't
even know.
If you didn't know what that
video was it was just to show
how hard we have to work to
do one math test ONE
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