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Victoria's Secret

Vickyleaks - awesome app by Victoria's Secret

Levan Lepsveridze

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Victoria's Secret

Every year millions of girls buy sexy lingerie from Victoria’s Secret.

Unfortunately, only their boyfriends, husbands, and a handful of exceptionally lucky people are able to see those bras and panties in action, while the rest of the world suffers in ignorance.

What if lingerie was as visible as the rest of the clothes are, but still retain inexplicably intimate charm?

Vickyleaks is the world’s first social lingerie closet. The app makes Victoria’s Secret no longer a secret. Girls can finally show off their sexy underwear in public with some class.
* Lingebrary - lingerie library (the best kind of library ever).
Other Vickyleaks users within 50 meter radius can feast their eyes on all that sexy lingerie around them, browse through the catalogue and even place orders.

Introducing Vickyleaks:
How It Works:
Every purchase at Victoria’s Secret comes with an unique QR code. When scanned by Vickyleaks app, it automatically adds the item to the girl’s lingebrary*.

All girls have to do is choose what exact model they are wearing on a particular day.
Girls can remain anonymous or link their Vickyleaks profiles with other social networks.
Vickyleaks uses Wi-Fi and GPS technology - the same basic mechanics behind Foursquare and Find My Friends, but it’s way hotter.

We hope the mankind will soon be ready to handle Vickyleaks on Google Glass...
The Sweetest Part:
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