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PW OP prezi

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Grace Yong

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of PW OP prezi

RecycleWorks 'DH068' 'Project Work Oral Presentation 2012 Introduction Conclusion Evaluation Future Direction Extend scope of project:
Recycle more types of plastic cups
Adapt Stack-O-Bin to collect and recycle straws separately Publicity Highlighting
the problem Stack-o-bin Scope of Project Recycling in
Singapore Aims & Objectives Current & Future
Impacts Current Impacts
of Plastic Wastage Future Impacts Encourage Enrich Engage Aim Bubble Tea Consumers Target Audience Target Agent Misuse of recycling bins RecycleWorks Active recycling of plastic bubble tea cups through interesting and convenient initiatives Idea of recycling plastic bubble tea cups by raising general awareness and interest through initiatives. Knowledge of recycling and its importance The "ART of Recycling” Competition Advertisement on Cup film Messages or fun facts to encourage recycling
Effective way to reach out to a wider audience Aims:
Promote our initiative
Raise awareness about recycling " 4 steps to the dream;
fill our recycling bins to the brim!" Rewards:
Names and school names credited
$200/100/50 Gong Cha & Share Tea voucher Environmental Problems Lack of space for landfills Benefits: Cultivation of an active recycling culture Publicise the "ART of Recycling” Competition Encourage
active recycling Aims Benefits:
Catch public’s attention & motivate them to recycle
Raise awareness about Stack-O-Bin
Promote image as socially responsible firms Mindset of the public could change to view recycling as redundant Design & Rationale Collects non-recyclables
Maximises usage of bin
Prevents the public from throwing rubbish into hollow tubes Design & Rationale Rubber flap
Safety reasons Detachable
Easy collection by recycling companies General Specific Location of the Bin Increased convenience
High human traffic With subsidies from By By Posters Consolidate market power
Increase consumers’ brand loyalty
Greater impact
Increase in overall efficiency of the business Through participating in
our recycling initiatives Local recycling conferences
Overseen by Singapore Compact for Corporate Social Responsibility (SCCSR) Who? Bubble Tea Firms
in Singapore How? Why SCCSR?
Mission: To promote greater awareness, best practices, sustainable development and excellence towards CSR in Singapore Recycling conference Cover current situation of plastic wastage in Singapore
Give various bubble tea firms a platform to interact
Create collaboration opportunities
Introduce recycling initiatives Benefits Through
collaboration 1 2 3 Publicity via
posters and
advertisement on
cup film Stack-O-Bin The "Art of
Competition Sample info sheet and assessment rubrics Target group:
Gong Cha & Share Tea unwilling to collaborate What: Students design bin exterior
Organisers: ShareTea and GongCha
Audience: Primary and Secondary school students
Time frame: 3 Months 1. 10 designs shortlisted
2. Top 3 designs chosen through
Voting on Facebook page (50%)
Assessment by bubble tea firms (50%)
3. Sent for printing and pasted on bins Rationale for bin Easy avenue to recycle cups
Engages consumers in active recycling In shopping malls near bubble tea outlets Why? Guidelines
for usage 2D design of Stack-O-Bin X shaped blade
Most effective to break cup film Above general waste compartment
Allow solid debris to fall past Hollow tubes facilitate stacking of cups
Saves space Product of local community's efforts Personally understanding need to recycle Increased knowledge of recycling Students more willing to participate in future recycling efforts Aesthetically pleasing bins General public interested to utilise bin Active Recycling Culture Popular bubble tea firms
ShareTea, GongCha Production and Maintenance THANK YOU! Proposal
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