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Unit 20 Applying Acting Styles

No description

Emma Norgate

on 26 July 2016

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Transcript of Unit 20 Applying Acting Styles

Assessment will not begin until the second term within this unit but observations will take place all the way through

Performance 1:
12th February 2015

Performance 2 and log submission:
26th March 2015
Antonin Artuad
What you will do
You will take part in a series of practical workshops. You will rehearse and give at
least two performances before an invited audience, to last at least 10 minutes each.
In groups develop a short improvisation depicting either the life of your allocated practitioner or a short history of their style
Learning Outcomes
1. Be able to develop characterisation as an actor

2. Be able to develop and rehearse material using different acting styles

3. Be able to perform as an actor using different acting styles
Unit 20 Applying Acting Styles
1. Surrealism - Theatre of Cruelty

2. Artuad
Bertolt Brecht
Augusto Boal
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