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My Music Project

No description

Jc Boochoon

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of My Music Project

BY: JC My Music Project born baby 6 to 7 years old when I was 10 years old twinkle twinkle little star Dora the explore follow the leader Destiny by Movado When I listen to this song it makes me
fall a sleep when my mom is watching
me because it is a slow and soft song. It reminds me of me trying to catch the stars when I was little. now when I listen to the song it makes me feel like I am little kid/baby. When I heard this song I always tried
to dance to the song or try to sing to it when I was little. this use to be my favorite song because Dora was in the show she was also one of my favorite character. I was 1 years old. In Trinidad this song was one of the best the song. it is special because it represents my back round. when I heard this song I won't stop listing to it because it sounds good 11 years old the realest song by Konshen and jump by rdx this is my favorite song because I like the lyrics and the beat, also the words are saying don't do thing in life. The other song u will hear is jump by konshen. when i was 3 to 4 years old This used to be my favorite theme song it was max and ruby because it always come on when I get home from school when i was 8 years old I started to listen to Vybz Kartel s-class because this song sounds funny sometimes and I like his songs Now since I am 12 years old My favorite song is 2 chainz no lie because the words sound weird and funny when I hear this song.
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