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Architecture Vocabulary

(10-4-12) This Exercise is intended for me to research, learn and present ideas about architecture and the design pro.

Arrick Peck

on 6 October 2012

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Transcript of Architecture Vocabulary

Architecture Vocabulary Made By
Arrick Peck Neo-Rationalism Technological Machine-ism Constructivism / Constructivist Morphology Historicism/ Historic Preservation Deconstructivism Functionalism/Structuralism Ecology/ Sustainability Urbanism Symbolism Symbolism The square and circle The Great Stupa The People's Building By BIG Bjarke Technological Machine-ism Quadracci Pavilion Architect Santiago Calatrava David Fisher Architect The Dynamic Tower Sustainability Architect San Francisco Federal Building Tom Mayne Ecology CPG Consultants Architects Pritzker Music Pavilion Architect Frank Gehry The Mountain BY Bjarke Ingels Group
(BIG) Antonio Lamela and Richard Rogers Madrid-Barajas Airport Eiffel Tower Gustave Eiffel engineer Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Architect Frank Gehry Urbanism Structuralism Deconstructionism The Jewish Museum Berlin Daniel Libeskind Architect This is the Not this Ren Group Ingels Lakov Chernikhov Architect Chernikhov Tower Constructivism By Vladimir Tatlin Tatlin's Tower Arthur Wood The Broken Angel Palace of the Parliament Historicism Anca Petrescu Architect with 700 other architects Historic Preservation Nuragic and Contemporary Art Museum Zaha Hadid Architect Morphology Architect The Soumaya Museum Fernando Romero Michael Graves Denver Public Library Neo- Rationalism Aldo Rossi The Quarter Schüzenstrasse Architect Intro To Architecture 120 Structuralism Layers Architectural Scale Thanks For Watching Polychrome Interesting Ugly Different Beautiful It Reads Layering Unity and Harmony Metaphor Heaven and Earth Convincing Fragmentation Texture Meaningful Function A landmark Rhythm Meaningful Metaphor symbolism Circulation Coherence
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