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KYSTE - Five Easy Teacher Websites

Presenters: Liane Dattilo and Amy Colucci

Amy Colucci

on 25 July 2013

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Transcript of KYSTE - Five Easy Teacher Websites

Five Easy Teacher Website Builders
Decide on The Purpose of Your Website
Where Will You Publish?
Publicize your site
Benefits to a Classroom Website
Students gain access to curriculum resources

Helps gain teaching time

Powerful communication tool

Students can showcase their work to an authentic audience
Amy Colucci - Education Technology Teacher
Liane Dattilo - Education Technology Teacher
Jefferson County Public Schools
Louisville, KY
Consider the Following Questions:
Do you have students who forget their homework?

Would your students and parents like timely reminders of projects, tests, and school events?

Do any of your students receive writing accommodations that hinder their ability to take notes in class?

Would you like your students to have access to lesson materials at home?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you and your students could benefit from a classroom website.
Is it going to be strictly announcements?

Are you going to be posting student work?

Will you be using it as a teaching tool with instructional links?
The more clearly you can define your initial objectives, the easier it will be.
Pros of weebly:
Cons of weebly:
Only 3 fields to register
Drag and drop all elements
Limited Tech Support
Limited # of picture uploads
Many backgrounds to choose from
Keeps stats
Add a blog
Weebly Examples:
Pros of Yola:
Cons of Yola:
Created for small businesses
Password protect each page seperately
Drag and Drop Tools
Embed widgits like Google maps and PayPal
No option for custom CSS or theming
Completely free up to 5 sites
Yola Example:
Post to Twitter and Facebook directly from Yola
Pros of webs:
Cons of webs:
300 templates
Photos can be set up in albums
Integrates with PayPal
Includes mailing list
Long registration process
Only 500 MB storage
Poor customer service
Webs Example:
Pros of zunal:
Cons of zunal:
Zunal Examples:
Password protect each page separately
Unlimited number of sites
Great built in graphics
Very intuitive
No video
Only 10 backgrounds
Unlimited storage
Must buy premium for password protection
No calendar
No built in graphics
Must embed a widgit to keep statistics
No built in calendar
Published Google Doc
Pros of Google docs:
Like editing a Word document
Can edit freely and publish when ready
Cons of Google docs:
Limited Options -
no video, storage,
calendar, or graphics
Cannot embed widgets
It's not rocket science
Very little customer support
Cannot password protect
Update regularly
What next?
We have 5 free website builders we like:
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