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English Assignment: The Cake Princess

By Chaeyoung Lee and Juliana McArthur 9C

Chaeyoung Lee

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of English Assignment: The Cake Princess

By Chaeyoung Lee and Juliana McArthur The Cake Princess Elements of the Short Story Plot Climax Falling Action Exposition Resolution Rising Action Setting- At home, specifically in the kitchen because the general idea of the story is Chantal's love for baking. Character Development- In the beginning of this story, the main character, Chantal, describes her mother, on how she hates cake. Chantal uses the words that her mother used to describe her opinion on cake, for example, "The frosting is sickeningly sweet... the layers nothing but fat and eggs and more sugar...". Her father, on the other hand, enjoys cake. While her mother was out of the house, Chantal decides to bake a cake for a party, to be known as the Cake Princess and the fact that she does not have many friends. Like in other cooking shows and chefs, Chantal decides to make a video with her camcorder, using her best expressions and emotions. Chantal was enjoying her time making a cake and a video, until her mom came in the kitchen... Chantal was shocked and tried to explain, but her mother was not angry... ... but she leans on the counter, lays on her forehead on her forearms and starts crying... Chantal did not know why her mother started crying. She thought that her mom started crying by baking one cake, thought that her mom only thinks about herself and the rules that she planned for her daughter. (In the text page 29, it expresses her thoughts: "She is wrecking my whole project. The project to become me. Because life is all about her. Her rules. All I do is make one cake and it's enough to send her into crying fits"...) Conflict The conflict of this story is an external conflict and it is man vs man. Chantal does not like having so many rules set in place for her by her mother, so she is constantly trying to find ways to rebel against her mother and break those rules. As is shown in these two sentences:
"Rebellion has crept into my habits. Now in my senior year of high school, I'm Food TV Network-obsessed and a regular Facebook user, and I've gone to three parties." Chantal becomes very angry towards her mother, until her mother said she was hungry. Her daughter calms down immediately and suggests what her mother wanted. Climax Chantal's mother suggested a grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich and asked her daughter to butter the bread. Although her mother was very strict with food, Chantal did what she was asked to do, but confused and wondered why her mother would eat that kind of food. (In the story, Chantal expresses her confusion) The climax of a short story is the point in which the story is at its peak. It usually does not last long, but it is a dramatic event that changes the story. The climax of "The Cake Princess" is when the protagonist, Chantal is angry that her mother is crying. Chantal starts breaking things in the kitchen and makes a mess. Chantal's mother was laughing while she tried Chantal's homemade chocolate frosting. Chantal was thinking that her mother was acting strange and that she was keeping secrets from her. Mar'ce Merrell Chantal asks her mother what was going on. Finally her mother tells her... Mar'ce Merrell is a teacher from Edmonton, Alberta. She is also a writer and cook. Her most recent book is "Wicked sweet." Since Mar'ce is a cook and baker, all of her stories include baking of some sort. The protagonist of her stories are usually avid bakers. ...that she got the Ovarian cancer and that she was going to do a surgery. She kept this secret from her daughter and that her father was going to tell her. Chantal's mother explained how she thought that if she did moral things, then nothing bad would happen. In other words, she tried to starve herself from foods that she loved, such as cake. As said in the beginning, Chantal's point of view explains how her mom really hates cake, stating that it's nothing but fat and sugar. Questions at the end of the story: This event is the resolution to Chantal's conflict with her mother. Chantal's life has been manipulated by her mother's rules. The outlook and the personality of her mother changes her identity and the relationship between Chantal and her mother improves throughout the story. Does the final line bring it to a satisfying conclusion? It made Chantal worried that her mother won't have enough treatments, but she believed that everything will be alright. I think the story wrapped up properly. By the end, Chantal and her mother have resolved their problems and they start to trust each other more with secrets. This trust is shown by the way they are acting and talking at the end.
"It's part of my new persona," I say, all my defenses down now that the secrets are flowing. "I'm going to be known as The Cake Princess."
"The Cake Princess," she says. "Delish." Making inferences: What do cakes and baking represent to Chantal? Why does Chantals mother have so many rules for herself and her daughter? Theme The theme of the story is that life is like a path; in this story, Chantal expresses her feelings for baking and how she has a difficult life with the rules made by her mother. In this case, Chantal's mother was "blocking" her daughter's life. Character Chantal is most likely a Round character because she is complex, a realistic type of character and has many traits. She can also be a Stock character due to the title "The Cake Princess", Chantal is immediately known as a character who enjoys baking. Chantal's mother is a Flat and Dynamic character, being a minor character, does not have as many traits as Chantal, and her outlook/personality changes throughout the story. What point of view? Is the story's use of point of view effective? The point of view of this story is First-Person because the story is in Chantal's view, using words such as "I", "My", etc. This kind of point of view is effective for the reason that it expresses Chantal's feelings, on how she loves baking and that she can't do what she wants. The First-Person point of view also expresses Chantal's emotions, such as happiness, frustration and anger. How does the author establish setting? In general, the author establishes the setting by the main idea of the story, which is Baking. We know immediately that the setting would be in the house, the kitchen. How does the author build suspense? Suspense is the element that makes the reader uncertain or tense about the outcome of the events. In this story, the author builds suspense when Chantal gets angry when her mother started crying. In this case, it makes the reader think "Why is Chantal mad? Why is her mother crying? What will happen next?" How is the mother's state of mind revealed? In this narrative prose, the mother's state of mind is revealed when she was not furious with her daughter by baking a cake and making a video and when she started crying because she finally understood that not eating properly and making the good choices does not make things better, so she starts regretting and felt sorry for the daughter. In other words, the weaknesses of Chantal's mother notify her state of mind. Her daughter is angry when her mother starts to cry. What does this reveal about Chantal's character? In this action, Chantal becomes angry when her mother cries because she thought that her mother only cares about herself and that her daughter breaks the rules that she made. This reveals Chantal's anger towards her mother. She tells her mother that she wrecks everything and that she can't tell her what to do and not do. Do you think that the daughter handles the situation well? Chantal handled the situation well after she became furious with her mother. The resolution develops when her mother asks for food and then tries Chantal's homemade chocolate frosting. Her daughter calms down and did what she was asked to do for her mother. If Chantal did not give her mother food that she asked for, she would have remained angry for the entire story. Then there would have been no resolution, and Chantal would never know that her mother had cancer. What are the falling actions of the story? The falling actions are when her mother said that she wanted food. Chantal did what her mother asked, but she noticed that something strange has happened to her mother. She asks what is going on because her mother is acting unusual. Her mother explains that she has Ovarian cancer and needs to have surgery. Chantal and her mother got along with each other and talked. Her mother asks what her daughter's purpose is for baking. Chantal explains that she wants to be known as the Cake Princess. What is the resolution of this story? How does it tie in with the theme of the story? The resolution of the story is when Chantel's mother admits that she has cancer. Although knowing about the illness made Chantel worry, she also believed that everything would be fine and her relationship improved with her mother. This event reveals her mother's true identity. The theme of this story "Life is a path" relates to the resolution. Now Chantal and her mother are closer than ever and her mother is no longer "blocking" Chantal's way. Chantal thinks that by baking a cake and bringing it to a party, more people will want to be friends with her. Baking represents a way to fit in for Chantal and also a way to rebel against her mother. She has two favourite bakers, and when she reads their cookbooks and bakes she feels like she really knows them. Chantal's mother has so many rules for them to keep them on the right path. I think that Chantal's mother follows all these rules to set an example for Chantal. Her mother wants to protect her from bad influences. Her mother thought that by following all these crazy rules nothing bad would happen, but she still ended up getting cancer. What do you think of this statement: "when you follow all the rules, you're better able to control the direction your life takes." I personally do not agree with this statement. If you follow every rule in place you are not controling the direction of your life, the rules are. That doesn't mean that you should blow off every rule, rules are in place to keep us in line, but you should not live your life by a million rules. What elements of short stories helped you understand and respond to this story? Understanding the conflict of this story helped to better understand the relationship between Chantal and her mother. Their relationship involves a lot of stress, tension and lies. They have trouble trusting each other with secrets. What stereotypes does Chantal's mother believe about young people? Has her attitude changed at the end? Chantal's mother believes that a lot of young people are bad, and that they are a bad influence on Chantal. Also that parties are bad and to quote the text "only loose girls go to parties." I don't know if her attitude changed completely towards young people, but she definitely trusts Chantal a lot more at the end than she did at the beginning. Vocabulary Rant Definition: To talk in a noisy, excited or declamatory manner.
Sentence: "you can rant all you want," she said, "but it's not going to change things." Ganache Definition: A creamy chocolate mixture used especially as a filling or frosting.
Sentence: "This ganache is delicious!" Rave Definition: To talk with extreme enthusiasm.
Sentence: " It's his best performance yet," raved one movie critic. After Presentation Activity: Hangman How does the author use dialogue effectively to develop her characters? Mar'ce uses accents in Chantal's dialogue to develop her character.
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