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Buck vs. Bell

No description

JaSia Lovelace

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of Buck vs. Bell

Buck v. Bell

Case Summary
Carrie Buck was raped and became pregnant and was sent to an institution colony after giving birth to her daughter Vivian.
She was sterilized by Dr. Bell without her consent because she was titled as being a "feebleminded" women
Constitutional Issue
Carrie Buck was upset that Dr. Bell sterilized her because she was "feebleminded" when is was taken to the colony.
5th and 14th Amendment violated
Felt that her rights wasn't protected
People who were claim as "mental" didn't have equal protection.
Eugenics- a social and scientific theory that promotes the improvement of the human race through selective breeding.
The argument is about Carrie Buck’s sterilization conducted by Dr. Bell on October 19, 1927
Violating her rights stated in the 14th Amendment of the U.S Constitution
People with different disorders should have equal protection laws protected by their natural as if they were normal.
Decision and Rationale
The court found that the statue did not violate the constitution.
Historical Background
Carrie Buck
Dr. J. H. Bell
Appellant's Claim:
The Virginia's eugenic sterilization law violated Carrie Buck's constitutional rights.
Washington DC
April 22, 1927
Date of Decision:
May 2, 1927
Agree or Disagree
Disagree with the fact the don't think that the 14th Amendment was violated
Agree that they banned sterilization with the consent of the patient. Adopted an bill permitting the force of sterilizatin of feebleminded or sovially inadequate persons.
Was taken away from her mother Emma Buck when she was three.
Joined the Dobbs family where she was taken out of school to continue housework.
At the age of 17 she was raped by the Dobbs' son and became pregnant.
The Dobbs family doctor tested her as being feebleminded.
Was committed to the colony for Epileptic and Feebleminded
The Dobbs took Carrie's daughter Vivian.
Later meet her mother in the institution she was sent to
Adopted an bill permitting the force of sterilization of feebleminded or socially inadequate persons.
Albert Priddy filed a petition to his board of directors claiming that she had a mental age was 9
Since he thought that she was a genetic threat to society the institution board approved the petition out at a hearing which evidence was supported for request.
Sterilized up 75 to 100 women without their consent claiming he was curing "pelvic disease" --------

Was the one that actually performed the procedure.
Took over as superintendent when Priddy died
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