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Animal and Plant Life in The Pacific Ocean

No description

Evan Clark

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Animal and Plant Life in The Pacific Ocean

An orca /killer whale weighs about 8 tons. They hunt anything from a fish to a walrus! It even hunts other types of whales! An orca is an apex predator. The unicorn fish got its name because its nose is long and shaped like a unicorns horn! The unicorn fish feeds on algae and is normally found in coral reefs! Some are also found near Hawaii and Japan. A sea lion only has 2 main predators which are orcas and sharks! Sea lions are a highly intelligent animal. They also mainly live in packs! ANIMAL LIFE Come the the Pacific Ocean, there are many different types of animals that you can see! If you come vacation here your life will be changed from all of the beautiful wildlife! The clown fish is the fish from Finding Nemo! All clown fish are born male and have the choice to change their gender, but the change is irreversible! PLANT LIFE Come snorkel in the Pacific Ocean, its complete with beautiful coral reefs and wonderful plant life! It is a feast for human eyes and is a great experience for you and the whole family! This wondrous coral reef is one of many in the Pacific Ocean! Travel underwater and see the beautiful colors and plant life! Its something you'll never forget! This is an anemone! There is an abundance of this plant species in the Pacific Ocean! The anemone not only serves as a beautiful attraction, but also as a protection system for many fish species and underwater life! There are many things in the pacific ocean besides coral reefs and anemones such as sea kelp, seed weed, sea urchins, oar weeds, gulf weed, and plankton! But the main focus of many tourists would be to see the spectacular and abundant colours and types of the coral reefs and the animal life within! The hammerhead shark as well as many other sharks lives in the pacific ocean, controlling fish life and other animal life in the pacific ocean! Sharks are a crucial part in balancing out sea life! Hammerhead sharks as well as all other sharks are viewed to many as monsters, but are gentle creatures who can actually sense the beating of a human heart beat from miles away! Swimming with sharks is a life changing experience and should not be overlooked in your pacific ocean travels! They swim side to side because their eyes are on the side of their head so they have a blind spot in front of them! Dolphins are an amazing species! The white sided dolphin can live to there 40's! They're very intelligent and gentle creatures! Swimming with dolphins is a very popular activity! The best dolphins to swim with can be found in the pacific ocean! We encourage you to come out and swim with these fantastic creatures!
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