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South-west England

South-West England

Rebecca Stapleton

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of South-west England

South-West England South-West England Attractions The Milky way adventure Park is in North Devon and is a big play center with lots of rides and slides. This is a human feature. Attractions Attractions In 2008 Salisbury Cathedral recently celebrated its 750th anniversary of being built. The Cathedral has the tallest church spire in England. The official name of the tourist attraction is actually 'The Cathedral of Saint Mary'. Salisbury Cathedral is a human feature as the main part of the church was finished being built after 38 years, 1220 - 1258. The Durdle Door is a breathtaking natural arch carved out of limestone. It is set on the coastline and is a physical feature. Attractions Lets take a closer look... Here is ENGLAND The Stone Henge is a ring of stones set in the county of Wiltshire. It is believed to have been built between 3100 - 1100 BCE. These historic stones in the ground have played host to the filming of the famous fiction TV program, Doctor Who. Here is SOUTH-WEST ENGLAND Gloucestershire Population - (2011 Estimate) 861,700
Area - 3,150km2
Famous People Born There - J.K.Rowling. (Harry Potter Author)
Flag - Wiltshire Population - (2011 Estimate) 639,500
Area - 3,485km2
Famous People Born There - Billie Piper (actress)
Flag - Dorset Population - (2011 Estimate) 745,400
Area - 2,653km2
Famous people born there - Alan Carr
Flag - Devon Population - (2011 Estimate) 1,135,700
Area - 6,707km2
Famous People Born There - Miranda Hart, actress. Tom Daley, Diver.
Flag - Cornwall Population - (2011 Estimate) 536,000
Area - 3,563km2
Famous People Born There - Sir Francis Drake, English Sea Captain (1540 - 1596)
Flag - Somerset Population - (2011 Estimate) 910,200
Area - 4,171km2
Famous People Born There - Bill Bailey, Actor in Chalet Girl and more films. Jenson Button, Formula 1 driver. Many More!
Flag - Here are the COUNTIES in South-West England South-West England is the largest region in England, covering 9,200 square miles (23,829km squared). This region includes Bristol, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Dorset and Cornwall. Also, there are around 5 million people living in the South-West England. Famous People from South-West England - Emma Watson
- James May
- J.K.Rowling
- Agatha Christie
- Billie Piper
- Sir Francis Drake
- Paul Potts
- Jenson Button
- Lee Evans
- Alan Carr
- Tom Daley
- Russell Howard
- Jacqueline Wilson
- Ann Widdecombe By... Rebecca, Alice, Tasmeeha, Francesca and Hafsa Thanks for watching!
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