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The Knife

No description

Alexis Acevedo

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of The Knife

The Knife By: Richard Selzer MODE The mode of this essay is a descriptive narration. During the beginning of his essay he describes a surgery that is happening to a person with very vivid details. However, throughout the essay he tells a story about his experience of going through a surgery. Purpose The purpose of this essay is to produce an increased understanding of what it is like to go through a surgery and what actions are really taken by the doctor. Strategies Richard Selzer uses many analogy and metaphors throughout his essay in order to convey his point. Example: "Do not touch the spleen that lurks below the left diaphragm, a manta ray in a coral cave, its bloody tongue protruding." Tone Richard Selzer's tone is cloying, but it is also nonchalant. The images that he describes are very gruesome and vivid; however, he shows no disgust towards the images. Connection to the Title A surgery consists of many instruments and the most frequent and instrument used is a knife. The knife is the instrument that is used in order to get into the body and remove unwanted substances. Therefore an obvious title to fit this essay would be... Alexis Acevedo
Period: 1
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