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How fast can you talk with accuracy?

david garza SFP

david garza

on 18 April 2016

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Transcript of How fast can you talk with accuracy?

my hypothesis is that a person will read accurately and clearly around 140-165 wpm.
this experiment that i am doing focuses on how fast a person can speak clearly and accurately. This project can be very helpful throughout schools because if helps the teacher/professor find out if the person can read when timed.
what part of our brain controls speech? who has the fastest record (& accurate) speech in the world?
the purpose for this experiment is to show if a person who speaks fast or slow is accurate and clear on the words they're saying.
dependent variable
in this project i am going to measure how many words a person can say clearly within a minute.
The control in my experiment is the amount of time a person is given to read a complete page of Harry Potter.
A timer/stopwatch
Pen and paper for notes
independent variable
the volunteers are the independent variables.
How fast can you talk with accuracy?

David Garza

Risk and Safety
shortness of breath
Hand the passage to your test subject and instruct them to raise their hand when they are done reading the passage.
instruct them to start reading the passage as fast and as accurate as they can.
Count out any words that still sound inaudible, slurred, skipped, or incorrect. Take this number and divide by the number of total words in the passage and multiply by 100. This number will determine the percent accuracy.
Repeat steps 2-3 for all of your test subjects.
After you have tested all your subjects you should record your results in a reasonable manner and come up with a conclusion.
test sub.1: read approximately 120 words within 60 sec. misspelling 6 words and skipping 8.
test sub.2: read 148 words within the 60 sec. given misspelling only 2.
test sub.3: read 152 words within the 60 seconds given misspelling 16 words and skipping 4.
test sub.4: read all 160 words within the 60 sec. did not misspell any words nor skip any as well.
results/data analysis
my results show that people read at an approximate 125 wpm while being timed.
the more a person does not concentrate on the time the better they will read.
the educated guess or hypothesis i made was wrong and the total amount of words read per minute is around 130-140 depending on what the person might be reading.
Applications/Future Studies
i could make this experiment better by maybe adding more people and more reading so we could check how much more a person reads at a longer time.
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