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Crossing the divide between law school & your summer job

No description

Lori Strickler Corso

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Crossing the divide between law school & your summer job

Other Resources
Crossing the divide between law school & your summer externship
We're here to help!
Take Notes & Communicate
What Resources Do You Have Access To?
And How Much Do They Cost?
Customizing & Saving Your Research

Add tabs for jurisdiction, practice area, public records etc

Research Trail saves your searches for only 14 days

Set up "Preferences" to have your "research trail" emailed to you at the end of each session

Can set up alerts
Enter client matter numbers for billing & to track research

Key Sources--
off and running!

LibGuides: reference guides available
24/7 http://libguides.law.villanova.edu/

What legal resources can I use over the
summer? Detailed on "Source Check"
the Law Library's Blog:

Everyone can use:
Lexis Advance
Bloomberg Law
specialty databases on the Law Library
database page (PA Smart Litigator, RIA Checkpoint, Leadership Directories,
PLI Discover PLUS etc.)
Customize using tabs

History no longer available on Academic version but will be on firms/commercial version--saves for 90 days

Must save everything you view as there's no way to track what you've already looked at
Statutes--what covers your jurisdiction & where can you
find them?

Court Rules--West's Key Rules

Treatises & Practice Guides


Dockets & Verdicts
Tools of the Trade! Don't leave
your office without them!

Follow up with questions

Ask when you're not sure

Get recommendations about
What research platforms does your employer use?
WestlawNext/Lexis Advance or just classic systems?
More than one? Restrictions on use?

Does your organization have a "brief bank" or document database?
Will you have access?
What does it cover?

What is the billing structure?
Are clients billed for research?
Billed by document viewed, by search or by hour/time?

What about print resources?
In your organization's library?
In your supervisor's office?
Bring your legal research textbook with you!
Don't forget about the VLS Library if you're in the area!

Know the answers to these questions BEFORE you start your first research assignment!
Reference desk is staffed
Mon - Thurs 9 - 5 & Fri 9 -12

Reference Email: reference@law.villanova.edu

Call: 610-519-7024

Or Email Lori: strickler@law.villanova.edu
Westlaw Usage:
If you are getting school credit for a summer job, you CAN use Westlaw/WestlawNext BUT you must extend your summer access
Go to http://lawschool.westlaw.com & click on "Request a Password Extension"
If you do not request an extension you can only use Westlaw for 40 hours each month in June & July
NOTE: Westlaw.com access is ending for law schools on July 1st
Check with your firm's librarian or your supervisor--some organizations only want you to use THEIR passwords so they can track your research & bill back to client
Our Library Catalog: http://innopac.law.villanova.edu/

Databases on the Law Databases page
Smart Litigator Pennsylvania--trial court decisions, dockets, articles
PLI Discover PLUS--practitioner-oriented: forms, checklists, practice guides
Falvey Library (Main Campus)
Subject Guides
Database List (includes lots of News & business databases)
And the final step before turning any research project over to your supervisor????
Run EVERY resource through a citator!

Oh right, citators, the thing you use to make sure:
your resource is still good law
is current
and to locate additional related materials
Use on: Statutes, Cases, Regulations even
Secondary Sources!!
Where can I found those again?
Westlaw: Keycite
Lexis: Shepard's
Bloomberg Law: Bcite (not as comprehensive, not recommended
for verifying primary law)
CC BY 2.0
Use Browse Topics to find
practice area

Add most-used resources
as "favorites"-organize them
into groups for easier browsing

Add items to Folders
no charge to view items
in folder again and again
for up to 12 months

Create a folder "Summer2014" and
save all of your research there.
Can create subfolders under it
even share with supervisor or

Lexis Advance
Free access over the summer

Most firms who have Lexis use both lexis.com and LA

Pricing is per document

Start with a larger search and narrow it down, can filter as many times as need to without being charged--charged when click on individual document

Can click from section to section of large resource without additional charge
Need more help?
Westlaw Research Line--staffed by attorneys, assistance 24/7, no charge: 1-800-REF-ATTY (733-2889).
Lexis Customer Service--also staffed by attorneys, no charge: 1-800-45-LEXIS (53947)

In Class Exercise-- #3 Government & Judicial

Use Westlaw Profiler & the Leadership Directories to look up your supervising attorney or judge:
Where did he or she complete his or her undergraduate degree?

What former jobs has that person held in the past?

What is his or her primary practice area or what kinds of cases has he or she heard the most in the last 5 years?

Other interesting facts?
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