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Culture Project

Create Your Own Culture

Juanita Ortega

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of Culture Project

Nanya Culture Nayeli Navez
Juanita Ortega
Jaya Washington People & Family Education Religion & Folkways Laws & Political and Economic Systems Language & Sports Children are required to go to school from the ages of 4 yrs -18 yrs old and in the last three years a job is given to them (like an internship) and they attend school for less hours than usual. People are to accept everyone the way they are. It's widely encouraged to teach young kids not to be judgemental. A republic government was established so the people voted on having a mixed economic system.
No drugs nor alcohol are allowed so that everyone is responsible for their actions. Languages spoken in our culture is a combination of English, Spanish, and French called Goslingish.
The only sport that we have is soccer. It's focused on nationally and everyone looks forward to the world cup. Art, Literature, and Music Science and Technology Middle class is the only class that exist in our society. Everyone is given equal opportunities to get a job that they are skilled at. Basic family structure is having a strong relationship with your extended family.
Aunts, Uncles, and grandparents are well-known to the grandchildren. Our art and literature is very modern. All three are connected together. Music and literature greatly reflect the art that we study. Our culture greatly revolves around all types of music. Up to date technology available to make peoples lives easier. For example: touch screens, photovoltaic glass, display glass, holograms, etc. Location Nanyians can be found in Northern Europe with long, cold winters and short, cool summers. Holidays We don't have a lot of holidays, but the ones we have are:
Christmas (October 5th)
The day of the final games of the world cup
New years (from Oct. 10-15)
National music day (April 5)
Language appreciation day (Nov. 12th)
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