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Intro - Social Structure, Socialization, the Individual, and the Sociological Imagination

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Lacy Mitchell

on 3 January 2013

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Transcript of Intro - Social Structure, Socialization, the Individual, and the Sociological Imagination

Social Structure Individual Socialization Which helps to create the... Who creates the... Which defines
the process of... And Again, and again, and again... 1. As a cycle, over time... 2. As a static moment, right now... Here are some people Here is you. You are an individual. You are being affected by everyone else. You are also part of the crowd, of "everyone". As part of the crowd, you are effecting this person... and this person... and this person... and everyone else, all the individuals around you. You are both an individual and part of the social structure that is helping to trap and socialize everyone else around you. The person next to you is acting on you as the social structure and is an individual who is being acted upon by you.
Some social structures are loose and easy to break, I wouldn’t stop you from standing in the back of the classroom during class.
But some social structures are very, very difficult to change – slavery for instance.
In order to understand how this works I had to sit and think what it must be like to be born a slave. My imaginings that created this illustration of the cycle of social reproduction involved using the sociological imagination because I am not a slave.
Where does the sociological imagination fit in? Have a Good Night! You and you, too... Are part of the social structure. But you are still beautiful snowflakes with a lot of power to affect the people around you. Supplemental - Social Structure, Socialization, the Individual, and the Sociological Imagination I have thought of two ways to diagram it which do not require telling a full story and taking up more of your time..though I did think of a story if you really, really want one.
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