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Cousse by Cool Whip

No description

Natasha Dottin

on 15 May 2013

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Transcript of Cousse by Cool Whip

Target Audience The Product Communication Strategy Market Potential New Category The Rewarding Feeling Demographics High socioeconomic status Age: 25-54 ? Cool Whip and Luxury ? Mass Market vs. Luxury Product ? Fit ? Distinction ? REWARD FUN Current Cool Whip Consumer Potential Cool Whip Consumer Brand Loyalty in the Premium Dessert Category 0 Ghirardelli
Dove Cool Whip Premium Dessert 60% of boxed chocolate consumers are WOMEN 3% increase YET: NO high end dessert on the american market 10% increase consumption of chocolate desserts capturing a growing niche Pudding Category Top of Mind Recognition Mousse the Category Top of Mind Recognition Grocery Stores Refridgerated Section Cousse ... ... Dark Passion Creamy Indulgence White Seduction Caramel Goddess Mocha Temptation Pricing Indirect competitors Distribution Cities of distribution $3.69 / 8oz $2.99 / pint $5.29 - $6.59 / pint $4.39 / 3.5oz bar Our price $5.99 Paid Newspapers Owned Company blog Facebook Twitter Google+ Youtube Earned Key Insights Primary product benefit: THE FEELING THE CATEGORY ASSOCIATION WITH Top of Mind Recognition OWN ACHIEVE NON - TRADITIONAL MEDIA OWN ACHIEVE
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