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The Massacre of Jane McCrea & The Battle of Eutaw Springs

No description

Faith Walton

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of The Massacre of Jane McCrea & The Battle of Eutaw Springs

Battle of Eutaw Springs General Greene's last battle The Americans attacked the British Jane McCrea massacre Took place on Sept. 7th Steward arrayed his men in a long line along the shore and awaited the Americans General Alexander Steward took the place of General Rowdan British had the most deaths The British were able to counter attack the Americans Greene placed his militia in the first row with the continental soldiers behind The militia did good in the first seconds of the battle and fired off a few shots before they had to fall back The Americans only had 119 wounded or killed Jane McCrea was married to a British officer Her fiance was serving in Ft. Ticonderoga Sunday, July 27. She was awaiting the arrival of the British Some indian scouts were ahead of Burgoyne The scouts attacked and scalped Jane while setting Mrs. Neil free They took her scalp back to General Burgoyne She was awaiting the arrival of McNeil at Fort Edward There are many myths about what happened a Jane McCrea's massacre Many people feared the indians that the British had allied with and evacuated to another place except a few people including Jane Her death caused people in New Jersey and New York to rally against the troops stationed there
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