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Take 10 presentation

No description

megan carter

on 1 May 2010

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Transcript of Take 10 presentation

. . . and take back your day Overview Take 10 is:
-a new series of relaxing beverages; Take 10 to Relax and Take 10 to Sleep
-releasing the beverages solely in the Midwest region, with hopes to eventually release the product nationally

Take 10 hopes to:
-differentiate themselves from the energy beverage category
-illustrate the benefits of the all-natural ingredients in their beverages Target Audience Grand Rapids area college students (18-24) Objective 1 •Increase the awareness of Take 10 Relax among college students by 10% before May, 2011 Objective 2 •Sell 10,000 units of Take 10 Relax Beverages by May, 2011. Objective 3 •Increase by 40% the amount of business website hits by May, 2011. Media Social Media Newspapers Radio Take 10 websites The Rapid Bus system 105.3, HOT-FM
104.5, WSNX
94.5, WTNR
97.9, WGRD
Grand Rapids Community College
Grand Valley State University
Calvin College
Aquinas College
Grand Rapids Press
blog Budget Strategy 1: Advertise Take 10 Relax on Grand Rapids area college campuses. Strategy 2: Advertise Take 10 Relax on Grand Rapids area radio stations that are well-liked among college students. Strategy 1: Set the Take 10 brand apart from the energy beverage category Strategy 2: Inform the public of the partnership between Take 10 Beverages and Meijer, Inc. Strategy 1: Run sales promotions on the Take 10 Beverages business website Objective 4 •Create and increase awareness of Take 10 Beverages interactive website by 25% before May, 2011. Strategy 1: Allow consumers to interact with the company as well as each other regarding praises/concerns about Take 10 Beverages Strategy 2: Advertise Take 10 to Relax through social media -business
-interactive billboard http://takebackyourday.wordpress.com/ http://www.kitkat.co.uk/Flash/#/need-a-break Evaluation
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