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How we share PowerPoint files?

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Russell Anderson-Williams

on 4 September 2014

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Transcript of How we share PowerPoint files?

I need my boss to see this and sign it off.

I'll email it to him now.
Owner of the original Ppt file
We have edited the figures for you now. Here is the file back.
The finance team (2 days later)
The boss receives the email
How do you share presentations?
Click the right arrow below to see how most business users share PowerPoint files. And then keep going to see how Prezi presentations can be shared.
I think we already had these files from your boss a few days ago!

Is this a new file?
Event organisers
Thanks for the presentation. It looks great. Let me run the figures past our finance team and get back to you.
Hope they don't take to long. I need to get the file over to the event organisers in 2 days time.
Time is running out and the boss is on holiday. I'll email the finance team myself
Here is the Ppt file we sent over with amended figures.
Thanks. I'll make my final edits to this and get it over to the event organisers now
The PowerPoint way
I need my boss to see this and sign it off.

I'll send him a link to view this online.
Owner of the original Prezi file
Thanks for the edit link. We'll make the changes now for you.
The finance team receive the edit link
The boss receives the viewing link
Thanks for sending the Portable Prezi to us. We'll get that set up on our events machine now.
Event organisers
Viewing link sent
Thanks for the link to your presentation. It looks great. We need to run the figures past our finance team. Can you link them in?
Edit link sent
Of course. I'll link them in now and give them editing functionality to make changes themselves.
Thanks so much. Whilst you're editing the figures I'll tidy up some other areas of the Prezi at the same time.
The Prezi way
work smarter!
Click to see Prezi collaboration in action
Can I get an edit link to make a couple of small changes?
Of course. I'll change you to an editor right now. You should have editing options in just a second.
Thanks. I've made the changes and am off on holiday now.
Have a great holiday.
I'll get the Prezi over to the event organiser now.
To find out more about how Prezi collaboration can help your presenters work smarter contact us on
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