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Assistant Principal Interviews Analysis

No description

Bibiana Bermudez

on 2 November 2013

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Transcript of Assistant Principal Interviews Analysis

Assistant Principal Interviews Analysis
Assistant Principals Interviewed
Lorraine Martinez - Woodlawn Elementary
(SAISD) Years as AP:

Susan Nunez- Kitty Hawk Middle School
(JISD) Years as AP: 4.5

Monica Ruiz-Mill- Lee High School
(NEISD) Years as AP: 2
Common Themes
-The ability to manage time effectively

-Best prepared for work load

-All Assistant Principals understood the demanding job when accepted the role

-Understand their instructional role, walk-thrus

-Organization is critical to successful job

-Opportunity to connect with kids, making a difference in their lives

Contrasting Themes
-The three Assistant Principals responded in how the job takes an emotional toll at different levels.

-The complexity of Legal and compliance committes and meeting, ARD, LPAC, 504. etc.

-Trying to balance work and home
Lessons Learned
-Time and organizational skills, manage multiple tasks, deadlines, requirements, goals and unforeseen needs and demands from teachers, students, parents and community

-Ability to leverage school and district accountability systems to help improve instruction and drive student achievement

-Relationship building and communication are essential skills. Listen
What to be prepare for ...
-The demands of the job
-Manage the work load
-Emotional Toll
-Balance work and Home
-Impact of our decisions

The assistant principalship is a demanding and high stress position that requires specific skill sets in order to survive and be successful.
Regardless of school, level, or district, time management skills, organizational skills, and supportive families are the keys to success.
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