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Hydrophobic surfaces

No description

jackie jones

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Hydrophobic surfaces

Hydrophobia! What is a hydrophobic surface? Examples of hydrophobic surfaces can be found naturally in aquatic environments. All you have to do is take a closer look "live in the silt, but not sullied" How do we replicate high contact angles? The contact angle is determined by the equilibrium reached between: the forces keeping the droplet together and the forces wanting to spread it out Surface energies can increase or decrease contact angles Applications of hydrophobic nanotechnologies What does the future hold for hydrophobic textiles made with nanotechnology? What is a contact angle? A surface which 'fears' water. Let's look at surface roughness and coating at the nano scale. Adhesion is the attraction of unlike molecules Cohesion quantifies the intermolecular fores keeping like molecules together Low surface energy, combined with high surface roughness can create ultrahydrophobic surfaces >150 degrees Feng, L., Zhu, D., Li, S., Li, Y., Li, H., Zhang, L. (2002). Super-hydrophobic surfaces: From natural to artificial.Advanced Materials, 14(24), 1857-1860. doi: 10.1002/adma.200290020
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Oakley Technologies (2012) Product launch. Retrieved from: http://www.pretavoir.co.uk/oakley-technology.php The U.S military would like to see it's troops in hydrophobic clothing to combat wet and cold conditions A: By coating the plane with hydrophobic nanoparticles, the planes would no longer need to be de-iced before takeoff A competitive swimmer created the first prototype of a hydrophobic swimsuit that complies with FINA regulations. The suit was tested in 2011 at the Hohenstein Institute Oakleys new lineup of sports eye wear features a range of new hydrophobic sunglasses hi Coffee left on fabric for 12 hours, once removed no stain or residue remains. This is treated with nano-pel 'nano whiskers'. Thank you for your kind attention The contact angle of a liquid with a solid indicates the surface's wettablility. The higher the angle the more hydrophobic the surface. http://arstechnica.com/science/2008/05/the-superhydrophobic-properties-of-rose-petals/
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