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Touching the Void

No description

Sam Adams

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of Touching the Void

Section A - Analysis Touching the Void Narrative Perspective Joe's Account Joe's Account Joe's Account In this extract we are offered the same event told from two different, first-person perspectives.
What does this add to the reader's understanding of the event?
Why does narrative perspective matter? How does the writer help the reader appreciate the physical impact of the accident? How does the writer help the reader to appreciate the psychological impact of the accident? What can I say about structure? Pronouns / narrative perspective
Emotive (not technical) language
words or phrases that emphasise pain / destruction
Short sentences ellipsis
presentation of panic
rhetorical questions / single word sentences
modal verbs (must, could, would etc.)
Any others. How does the account begin..?
How does the account end..? How do the accounts differ? It is interesting to note the similarlites and differences between the two accounts. Joe's Account Simon's account Joe's account is almost solely concerned with himself. Almost half of Simon's account is about the dilemma the two of them faced. Prep: Create a table and note five similarites or differences for each account. Section B Questions How does the writer help the reader to appreciate the experiences of Joe and Simon? Creative Writing / Section C Write about a time you have had to make a difficult decision, explaining in a way that would help the reader to understand your thoughts.
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