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~Nail Polish!!!~

No description

Maraya Solomon

on 13 December 2011

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Transcript of ~Nail Polish!!!~

NAIL POLISH!!!~ What is Nail Polish?? -Nail polish is a liquid that is applied to fingernails and toenails. But who invented nail polish?? This information that I found about nail polish will answer that qeustion, and you will probably be amazed about the type facts about nail polish some of you girls/guys didnt know about. Who Invented Nail Polish?? -Nail polish was invented by the Chinese in about 3,000 B.C. It was made from a mixture of Arabicgum, egg whites, geltin and beewax. It is unknown who the first person was to invent nail polish but it was used by the ancient Chinese and ancient Egyptians. Chinese royalty often used gold and silver nail polish. Facts About Nail Polish!! -Nail polish is very popular with women, although it is gaining popularity with men. The company Hard Candy released a nail polish line, Candy Man, aimed specifically at men. -Acetonitrile a highly toxic substance, was once used as a component of nail polish remover. After the accidental poisining of several young children, it was banned in the European Economic Area. -In the 19th century, many cookbooks contained "recipes" for making nail polish. -Nail polish can help make nails stronger, preventing them from breaking, carcking or spliting. -Ultraviolet stabilizers are used in nail polish so that it doesnt change color when exposed to light. Types Of Nail Polish!!!~ -Crackle nail polish -Glitter nail polish -Snow Bunny -Timeless Pink -Mocha Blast -Denim Dash -Timely Turquoise -Pink Shock -Go Go Green Why Was Nail Polish Invented?? -Nail polish was invented because in the old days when people wore fancy thing it was used to show the richer people. What Was The Person's Name That invented Nail Polish?? -The name of the person that invented nail polish is Michelle Menard. Although i did say that the person that first invented nail polish was unknown, I did more research and found the name of the person that first invented name polish. ~THE END!!!~
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