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No description

Caleb Long

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of WELCOME TO ACS I

How can we show better care in our family ?
- Parents are like lighthouses. They are like a beacon, guiding small wooden rowboats like us to a safe place in the storm.
- They are also like kangaroos, keeping the young safe in its pouch until it matures

What can we thank our parents for
How can we show better care in our family ?
Done by: Benny, Caleb, Ethan and Chen Wei
How can we show better care in our family?
How can we show better care in our family?
- Finally, sometimes we fight with our siblings. We should try to reduce fighting with our siblings, because this may result in a meltdown from our parents too, not too good for their health. Do the math…

Buying us what we request for, most of the time.

What we can thank our parents for?
In this presentation, we will cover briefly…
-How can we show better care in our family?
-Towards the ACS family
-Towards our own family
-What can we thank our parents for?

As a filial son…
- We have much to thank our parents for. They are always regarded as our very first mentors.

- From drinking out of milk bottles, our parents have raised us to become the gentlemen we are today.

What can we thank our parents for ?
Bringing us on holiday
In conclusion…..
Parents, words cannot express how much we can thank you for. However, a picture does speak a thousand words so let’s thank you for not letting this happen to us….

Thank you for your kind attention!
<It's a model.
Don't worry.
- Instead, we should get along with our siblings, and learn to live with them.
-As part of the ACS family

- It does not matter which primary school we came from. We are all part of a family.
- We should follow school rules. They are there to protect us, and maintain order. No one wants a school of barbarians.

- Finally, whenever we see someone in need, we should lend a helping hand. We are all family, which mean we help each other.
- We should spend more time with our family. We seldom see them, especially our parents.

- We should also not abandon our parents when they are old. They took their time to raise us so we should reciprocate.
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