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No description

Jose Raphael

on 27 June 2011

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Transcript of Mesopotamia

Mesopotamia The Mesopotamians believed in education, so everyday they sent their sons to school (only boys could attend). They learnt to read and write their language called cuneiform. Since paper wasn't invented yet, they wrote on sun-baked mud tablets. The Mesopotamians liked to keep lots of written records so archaeologists managed to understand cuneiform.

The men would go out to work during the day. The most common job would be craftsmen or salesmen. The Mesopotamian craftsmen built stuff like pottery; vases and bowls and plates, furniture and jewellery.

Unlike the 19th century A.D, the women would also work. Only upper-class women could learn to read and write, so most women went to the market to sell goods. Cuneiform written on a sun-baked mud brick Religion The Ziggurat of Ur Buildings thanks for watching!
Hope you enjoyed!!! by José
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