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Book Report By Bowen

No description

Bowen Ingersoll

on 25 April 2017

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Transcript of Book Report By Bowen

Book Report By Bowen
The kids who challenged Hitler
The author of my book is Phillip Hoose. He was born May 31, 1947. He won the award for best little People's literature. He has 2 daughters and loves his life.
Title and Author
This story took place in Denmark and all around the world. It was around the time of World War ll. It started in 1939 and went through 1945.
The main characters Knud Pedersen, Jens Pedersen, Helge Milo, Borge Ollendorff. They are all very important but the most important is Knud. He changes through the book a lot. In the beginning he was just a boy. In the end he became a man. He was weak and was very scared but by the end he had become very strong and brave. The second most important character is Helge he was my favorite character because he was funny nice and loved riding bike's. My favorite thing to do is ride my bike.
~Protagonist, Antagonist~

The Protagonist is the Churchill Club. That is Knud and Borge and all of them. The are excited kids and they are very nice and friendly. They all change through the book because in the beginning they were kids but now they are strong men.
In the beginning, Knud Pedersen and his friends wanted to make a club, because Hitler and the Nazies invaded Denmark. The called the club the Churchill club. They wanted to show that kids can be involved in wars, so they went to the Nazi stations and cut all the wires down so they couldn't get signals from other people.
Middle, they kept doing it and they became the kids that challenged Hitler. They did it for a long time and then they moved up and and did even worse stuff.
End, in the end they become men they are strong and brave I can't tell you anything else because it will spoil but its a awesome book.
5 Sentence summary.
Where and When.
The antagonist is Hitler. He is mean and very disrespectful he wants everything to himself. He attacked a lot of people that were doing nothing to him and he wanted to kill every single one. He was a very scary mean guy, he had a lot of power. He attacked Denmark and that was where Knud Pederson and the Churchill club lived.He doesn't change through the book at all.
Main Characters
The problem in this book is, that Hitler wants the whole world to be his slaves and wants to be in charge of everything. He wants to have the most power. He attacks a lot of people and has them be on his team. But a few kids that wanted to get involved helped everyone. They challenged Hitler and he gave up and then Everyone was free from his control.
In conclusion I would rate this book a 10 I loved it so much it is awesome. The theme of this book is "BE BRAVE" I think it's that because if Knud Penderson and the Chirchill kids didn't want to get some action WWII would have been way worse. Also they saved many peoples lives and today the
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