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Organisation Chart

No description

lee joee

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Organisation Chart


Operation Manager Kitchen Executive

Sales Representative HR Manager

HR Officer GM the responsibility of managing Tiffin overall business with cooperation from other division managers and its employees. Supervising, managing and enforcing all employees to adhere to standards, rules and strive towards the success of the business. Kenneth Benedict Fernandez Hii Chuan Jiet

Marketing Manager Chrispian Arthur Epui

Finance Manager Alex Loh Aik Cheong Chew Mun Wai Jason Chin Kwan Jun Rex
Lee Chin Kiong Lim Kuok Sing Chew Chien Lung Lee Joee The Operation Manager has the overall responsibility towards the kitchen operational functions of Tiffin’s business. He is to manage the kitchen staff to ensure production of food items are up to quality and on time as well as the overall purchase, cost and budget for kitchen ingredients, supervising over the methods/technique of preparation and management of all kitchen staffs. The Marketing Manager is responsible for the marketing, sales and advertising of Tiffin’s product. He is to work with his team in terms of planning, advertising, public relations, organizing events, product development, distribution, sponsorship and research to ensure that the product will be received by the public and bring in profits to the business through successful strategies and implementation. The Finance Manager key role is to manage a company's financial accounting, budget, monitoring, interpreting cash flows, predicting future trends, providing and interpreting financial information, and supervising staff. He must constantly keep track of the financial condition of the business and keep reminding the team of current’s business financial status and how to improve on it in order to develop the business to greater heights. The Human Resource Manager role in Tiffin business would be to ensure the well being of all employees. Its responsibility includes handling employees’ personal details, hiring or firing employees, assigning shifts, work schedule and also handling employees’ disputes to keep the business moving smoothly and effectively. The kitchen executive will be the second in command of most kitchen operation and production responsibility as well as the assistant of the operation manager. He will be assisting the operation manager in production of the food product and working together with him to develop new products and ensuring the quality are to be maintained. They are responsible in assisting the marketing team to develop marketing strategies, promotion, advertisement, product development, research on market demand and deliver marketing information to the public to evoke awareness and working together with the marketing manager to create successful marketing plans and strategies to promotes Tiffin products and services. As the sales representative of Tiffin, he is responsible for all sales activities of Tiffin and manages the quality and consistency of product or service delivery. He is to identify, present and sell Tiffin’s products to sales prospects, work closely with the marketing team to develop sales strategies and planning. He is also to educate other employees of the product knowledge and selling techniques of Tiffin products as well as plans to boost sales for the business. The Human Resource Officer is responsible for providing support in the various human resource functions, which include recruitment, staffing, training and development, performance monitoring and employee counseling. She is working hand in hand with the Human Resource Manager to ensure employees of Tiffin are given the opportunity to develop themselves, showcase their skills and to give advice to them and support them. ORGANIZATION
CHART Projection Plan Rhymes with Group Three

Group members contributions – branches and roots

Tiffin – main tree trunk Tiffin proposal Group 3 members:
Kenneth Fernandez
Chrispian Arthur Chew Chien Lung
Loh Aik Cheong Lim Kuok Sing
Chew Mun Wai Lee Joee
Chin Kwan Jun Rex Lee Chin Kiong Digi Plan, ‘We will follow you’
- Approach customers with wandering vendors
- Save customers’ time

Loyalty card
- Purchase 5 times, free 1 set meal
- Encourage customer patronize more Marketing Strategies Pricing Costing Surveys on potential customers around Lakeside Campus (students, lecturers, office workers, etc)

To gain knowledge of Lakeside Campus’ market

Question asked – knowledge of Tiffin, frequency, food preference food for breakfast, etc. Market Research Creating awareness of Tiffin
- To make Tiffin more reliable and convenient source of food/snacks

Customer’s first, profit second
- Cater to customers’ needs, wants and desires Mission Statement/Objective WOM, Word of Mouth
- Passing news of our operation and product
- Customers passing the news on

Social Network
- Reaching customers through social networks (Facebook & Instagram)
- Updating customers with our progress on operations Marketing Strategies (cont’d) Main 2 products:

Unique selling points:
Set combos – Value for money (purchase food + drinks with lower price)
Delivery services – delivery to offices around Lakeside Campus Product and Services Fork it! Mondays?
Operation is on Monday morning

Enlighten Monday blues with food Slogan Running a small kiosk/food bar – Tiffin

Mondays, 7:00am to 12:00pm for 5 weeks Introduction © © © © © © © © © © © © © © © © ©
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