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Technology Revolution

This interactive infographic highlights the importance of technology for individuals who experience communication challenges

Edlyn V. Peña

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Technology Revolution

Without technology... Technology
Revolution With technology... Technology: Revolutionizing Learning, Participation, and Communication for Individuals with Communication Challenges Edlyn Vallejo Peña, Ph.D. Communication allows us to glimpse
into someone’s mind; it allows us to
look into the window of their soul. "I have an
idea..." "I believe...." "Let me tell you
what I think..." "I love you..." Technology allows individuals with
communication challenges to participate
more equitably. Before Technology What if we knew what we wanted to say... but the words did not come out? We are less likely to participate in this world
as equals.

We are less likely to learn from each other. What if we could
not communicate with our voice? Individuals have access
to communication devices
that allow them to speak Individuals can participate and be
included in schools and
the community. Technology gives everyone a voice. When we communicate, we interact with each other, we make meaning, and we construct knowledge.
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