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Dissertation MARCA Miami

No description

Maartje Kreek

on 1 December 2012

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Transcript of Dissertation MARCA Miami

MARCA Miami at this moment...
How can MARCA Miami narrow the internal gaps within the agency? The research question Full service integrated advertising and digital marketing communication agency - focused on the multicultural consumer - diversity of employees - experience in different markets (multicultural) - originality - dedication.

Int: Solidarity - Originality - Dedication

Ext: Credibility - Commitment - Multiculturalism The desired corporate identity The actual identity among employees Typical? Multicultural background Solidarity Focus on U.S. Hispanic consumer Points for improvement? Internal communication Impressions/comm. tools Food/Drinks PROBLEM: COMMUNICATION

SOLUTION: COMMUNICATE Improving communication tools towards external interest groups:

Update corporate website
Update create more web presence among social media
Create a blog
Networking Improving internal communication:

'Identity' training
Elevator pitch
Monthly meeting discussing and improving corporate communication
Stimulate individual training
Monthly brainstorm sessions
Strive for effective recruitment Improve behavior within and outside the agency towards external interest groups:

Work on attitude and presentation during meetings with external interest groups
Practice and execute elevator pitch QUESTIONS? Thank you. Implementations can lead to:

Improved internal corporate communication
Increased job satisfaction, increased solidarity among employee and increased productivity
Beneficial for corporate image and better position of the agency in the market Financial data:
2011 - 5.1% net profit 2012 - 5.3% net profit Dissertation presentation
Maartje Kreek
December 3rd, 2012 Recent changes within the company:
Change in target markets
Change in company name 'The end is not near. It's here.' - M. Kreek
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