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Book Talk: Harry Potter!

I explain how freakin' epic the Harry Potter series is.

Wade Wilson

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of Book Talk: Harry Potter!

hi, peeps! Do you like Harry Potter? You should try reading it
if you like... Action! Adventure! Romance!
And a whole truck-load of Death Eaters! Now, I know Harry Potter gets a bad reputation for being "Nerdy"... Now, I know Harry Potter gets a bad rap for being "Nerdy"... ...but these rumors are false. Besides, nerdy is the new cool... ...and it sure beats a sparkly vampire. Don't believe me? Watch this. See? That was so epic, and that was just the movie.
Imagine how awesome the BOOKS are! You saw what it said! The REAL magic
lies within... within the books! So READ! So READ! But hurry, because Hermione may have already beat you to the library! The End! THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!!!!!!! And within YOUR mind! Book Talk: Harry Potter series
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