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The Big6 Research Process

No description

Alaina Crowder

on 2 March 2018

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Transcript of The Big6 Research Process

Do you sigh when your teacher assigns a research project?

Have you ever spent hours on the Internet
only to find absolutely nothing?

Do research papers/assignments confuse
and frustrate you?

The Big 6 Research

1.1 Define the information problem.

1.2 Identify the information needed to complete the task.
Step 1: Task

2.1 Determine all possible sources (brainstorm).

2.2 Evaluate the different possible sources to determine priorities (select the best resources).
Step 2: Information
Seeking Strategies
3.1 Locate sources (intellectually and physically).

3.2 Find information within sources.
Step 3: Location and
4.1 Engage (read, hear, view, touch) with all sources. Decide which parts you want to use (and leave out).

4.2 Extract relevant information from the sources.
Step 4: Use of

5.1 Organize from multiple sources.

5.2 Present the information.
Step 5: Synthesis
6.1 Judge the product (effectiveness).

6.2 Judge the information problem-solving process (efficiency).
Step 6: Evaluation
What needs to be done?
What am I expected to do?
Do I understand what I need to do?
What are the questions I need
to answer?
What do I need to know about
the topic?
What type of information do I need?
*Narrow the topic
Where can you find the information needed?
Where can you start to look for information?
Books, newspapers, magazines, databases (journals), Internet, interviews, reference sources (encyclopedias), etc.
Who can I talk to for information?
Teachers, professionals,
scientists, community leaders, organizations, etc.
What are the best sources to use?
What types of information do I need?
Facts, opinions, pictures, primary sources, etc.
Find the information needed.
Where can I find these sources?
Classroom, library, Internet, etc.
How do I search to get to them?
Card catalog, Internet, database, phone book, etc.
Where do I find the information in the source?
Table of contents, index, search bar, etc.
The Big6 Research Process will solve all of your problems!
Study and take notes.
What type of information did I find?
Will the information answer the questions I have?
How do I write notes on
the information?
*Consult your research handbook

*Cite your sources as you go
Is the information reliable?
*Consult your research

*Use the evaluation
Put it all together and present.
How do I fit all the information together?
How do I organize my information?
How do I present the information to my teacher
to answer the question?
Did I remember to make notes of all of the sources for the works cited page/bibliography?
*Consult your research handbook
How well did you do?
Did I do what was required?
*Consult the guidelines or rubric
Did I complete each of the Big6 stages effectively?
Will I do anything different the next time?
What did I learn?
Am I pleased with the project?
*Consult guidelines or the rubric
*Ask questions
PowerPoint, Prezi, debate, diary, skit, commercial, collage, display, poster, pamphlet, timeline, spreadsheet, etc.
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