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Typhoon Cobra (1944)

A tropical cyclone that stuck the United Stated Pacific Fleet in December of 1944, during WWII

Jenna Strayer

on 23 March 2011

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Transcript of Typhoon Cobra (1944)

Typhoon Cobra (1944) What is a typhoon? A typhoon is a low pressure system in
the tropics composed of a large area of
clouds, winds, and thunderstorm
activities. Stages – begins as a tropical
depression, intensifies to a tropical
storm, then becomes a tropical cyclone. When there is excessive amounts of moisture
and a large pressure system meets up with
spinning winds, the low pressure meeting
becomes a typhoon, spiraling counter clockwise. What happened? The swells of the Typhoon Cobra caused 60-knot winds that tossed the ships “like pinballs.” December 18, 1944, the carrier task force 38 was hit by typhoon cobra to the East of the island of Luzon of the Philippines, because the task force’s weather experts tracked the storm incorrectly, and sailed right into the typhoon. Damages Admiral William Hasley issued the warning about the typhoons too late, and lost 3 destroyers, the Spence, Hull and Monaghan, with these ships scattered over 3,000 square miles. A hellcat fighter broke free and smashed into the catwalk, starting a fire on the carrier cowpens. The carrier survived, but the Hellcat did not. In the end, 146 aircrafts were lost or unusable, 7 ships had serious damages, 3 ships destroyed, and 800 lives lost from the task force 38. Impact on war In WWII, there was not much impact due to Typhoon Cobra hitting the Task Force 38. Of the 7 carriers, 15 destroyer, 6 light carriers, 8 battleships, 15 cruisers, and 50 destroyers, only 3 of the 50 destroyers were lost. Websited used:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Typhoon_Cobra_(1944)#Meteorological_history Typhoon Cobra was a typhoon (aka hurricane) that struck the United States Pacific Fleet on December 18, 1944 during WWII. Jenna Strayer
Earth and Space Science - Henderson
Period 1
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