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Tender offer Analysis

No description

Irene gonzalez

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Tender offer Analysis

Tender Offer
Written by: Wendy Wasserstein in 1983.
Theme: "Family should come first"
The tension escalates to a climax when Lisa goes ahead and collects her trophy but then throws it away to show her disgust. She tells her father that the trophy is just stupid. She even directly confronts her father directly telling him that she hated him. This is the climax of the play. Paul apologizes sincerely instead of getting defensive. This seems to tone down the tension that was between them. The climax is toned down completely when Paul introduces the story of the black and white knight. She offers Lisa a tender offer better than the white knight’s offer. This seems to cool down Lisa as they now converse on a much lighter note.The resolution of this anticlimax comes when Paul stands and begins to sing “Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina,” (Wasserstein, 24) the same song Lisa was singing at the beginning of the play. This brings about the resolution of the conflict inherent at the beginning.

Presented by:
Irene, Betsy and Adrian
Rising and falling action
Setting: The play takes place at a dance studio.
Tone: Tense, disappointing
Paul is 35 years old and is typical father, whose job is of great importance to Lisa. Everything seems to revolve around his job rather than his family
Lisa is a young girl around the age of nine. She appears to be very talented in dance. She received a trophy for her talents, yet was not enough to make her happy and fill the void that she is feeling in her life.

Tender offer is a one act play with two main characters; Paul and Lisa. Paul is Lisa’s father. The play’s setting is the dance studio where Lisa who is only nine years old was performing earlier before her father’s arrival.

The play starts off with Lisa singing “Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina” (Wasserstein, 26) while performing a dance routine. She does this while waiting for her father Paul, a 35 year old man to come and pick her up. Lisa stops singing as soon as she notices her father. Paul encourages her to continue but she refuses.
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