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Fort Fisher

Social Studies Project

Cole S.

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Fort Fisher

Fort Fisher
Where is it?
Fort Fisher located on one of the two outlets of the Cape Fear River to the Atlantic Ocean. This outlet then was called Federal Point. Today, it is known as Pleasure Island.
When was it built?
Construction of defensive works began in the spring of 1861. By the summer of 1862 the fort resembled patchwork with batteries and bits of sand curtain. By the begining of October in 1864, Fort Fisher brought in its last addition, a large four gunned structure, which completed Fort Fisher. Fort Fisher was used mainly for the Confederates in the Civil War.
First Attack
The first attack was on Christmas Eve of 1864. At the point of 12:40 p.m. the Union open fired on Fort Fisher. The colonel's headquarters was destroyed and a few of the outbuildings were set ablaze. Fort Fisher fought back and the Union's ships went further out to sea. December 27th all 1,000 Union troops departed from the waters of Fort Fisher to recede back to the north. The Confederates won the battle. The battle came off with a total of 320 casualties.
Second Attack
The second attempt to take over the Confederate fort was a success. On the 13th of January in 1865 the Union landed on the shores of Fort Fisher and bombarded the fort. On the 14th they made an attack on the fort. The attack was an utter failure, at the end of the battle all the Union had left on the beach were two guns. But, this distracted the Confederates and some Union ships sailed around into the river gate, causing the Union to have an advantage. The 15th was the day of surrender for the Confederates, just before 10 p.m. the Confederate's general made it official with 1924 casualties.
Wilmington's trade was cut off after the fall of Fort Fisher. A few sand mounts survived due to the natural sea attrition. Part of the original "Front Side" has been rebuilt authentically.
Blockade Runners
Southern cotton was transported between Wilmington and British ports in the Bahamas. They Confederates traded cotton for essentials such as guns, cloth, and bacon. The port in Wilmington was the last major port of that time. When the blockade runners came in, all the civilians ran down to see if there "ventures" came in.
The Fort Today
Fort Fisher has since then became a national land mark. The site now includes an aquarium, a museum, and a visitor center. Undersea archeology is practiced at the site. Visitors can now take tours and see the restored 32 pound cannon on display.

A Journey Through North Carolina: Copyright 2008
Interesitng Facts:
Fort Fisher was also used in WWII
Fort Fisher was a major fort used to aid the trade to Wilmington, N.C.
By accident, a magazine exploded on sight of Fort Fisher killing 200 men from both sides
Cole Smith
Brown 5/6
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