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Surviving the Applewhites (Extra Copy)

About a family, with the last name Applewhite.

Caterina Jester

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of Surviving the Applewhites (Extra Copy)

Surviving the Applewhites

by Stephanie S. Tolan
Jaclene Nunes
Fall Reading Project

Where: On a 16 acre farm in Traybridge, North Carolina.

When: Around the 1990s.
After being thrown out of every school in Rhode Island, Jake Semple was sent to live with his grandfather in North Carolina. Only one place would take him, and that was a home school run by the Applewhites, a crazy family of artists. The only one who didn't fit the Applewhite mold was E.D., a smart girl who immediately clashed with Jake . She was also the only one who actually developed and followed a set curriculum for herself, so the family thought that it was best to pair Jake with her for his education. But when her director father undertook a local production of the Sound of Music, all the Applewhites threw themselves into making it a success. E.D. was set as the stage manager and Jake got a starring role in the play and discovered a passion for the stage. The Applewhites kicked into high gear and show that they could all work together to put on this production.
I think that the theme of the novel is acceptance. One example of acceptance was when Jake first moved in. When Jake moved in, E.D. wanted nothing to do with him. They were complete opposites and Jake was always looking for a way to make her mad. At the end they got along. A second example of acceptance was when Jake had to learn to accept the Applewhites. As crazy as they were, they were his last hope before going to juvenile hall. He accepted them and formed a bond with the youngest Applewhite, Destiny. A third example of acceptance was at the end when Jake finally accepted himself as a person. He realized that he loved to act, and he told Destiny, that he was going to change his hair color back to his natural hair, instead of dying it.
3 Favorite Quotes
"Real science demands creativity and individuality...without creativity and individuality, there would be no scientific discovery. No Galileo, no Newton, no Einstein" -Randolph Applewhite

I found this quote interesting because its true, without creativity, science and discoveries wouldn't exist. Everything would be the same and boring.

"Education is an adventurous quest for the meaning of life, involving an ability to think things through." -Zedediah Applewhite

This quote is on a banner in the Applewhites schoolroom. I found this quote interesting because while the rest of the Applewhites embrace this motto, E.D. does not consider education an adventure.

"It had been easy to blow off Traybridge Middle School. Everybody - kids, teachers, even the principal - had been scared of the bad kid from the city. Bad kid. Living up to that label was what I did best" -Jake Semple

This shows that everyone was scared of Jake and that he was known as the "bad kid." They thought he had set fire to one of his schools, but that ended up being an accident.
Major Characters:
E.D. Applewhite
Jake Semple
Destiny Applewhite
Minor Characters:
Cordelia Applewhite
Hal Applewhite
Randolph Applewhite
Archie Applewhite
Zedediah Applewhite
Lucille Applewhite
Sybil Jameson
Jeremy Bernstein
organized: she set up her own curriculum for school; she had the whole school year planned out; and she made sure the play ran smoothly
smart: she was the only Applewhite that liked and understood math; she knew almost everything about butterflies; and she came up with a good idea for the musical
short-tempered: Jake almost always got on her nerves; she didn't like the fact that Destiny was always following Jake around; and got annoyed when the music kept playing over and over again from the Sound of Music
E.D. Applewhite
rude: he swore and smoked even after the Applewhites told him not to; and he was always making fun of E.D.
scary: he was kicked out of every school in Rhode Island; there was a rumor that he set fire to his old school; and he always wore dark clothes
determined: to stay at the Creative Academy as long as possible; not to go to juvenile hall; and to do well in the musical
Jake Semple
admirer: he tried to color his hair purple (because he wanted to be like Jake); he set fire to the theater (because Jake did it); and he wanted earrings like Jake had, but Jake stopped him before he could try
Curious: he was always asking Jake questions about his hair, earrings, and where he had lived before
talented: he loved to fingerpaint; he liked acting; and he could sing
Destiny Applewhite
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