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Sky Zone Business Plan Project

No description

Danielle Healis

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Sky Zone Business Plan Project

Sky Zone
Business Plan Our business team comprised of four Southern Vermont College student athletes has a combination of business behaviors and management styles that work very well together to achieve any common goal successfully. Due to each member having many different skills, it allows us to come together as a team and have strengths where certain individuals would normally have a weakness. Each of us has the ability to work on a team, therefore we have no doubts about our team’s success. We are exceptionally confident that we will be efficient and effective. Team Summary Objective 3.3: Target key downtown properties for redevelopment or increased utilization.

Our Goal: By May 9th to have a Sky Zone franchise plan completed and ready to pitch for funding in Bennington.

BCRC Programs to Support:
Municipal and Regional Planning
Sustainable Community Development Marketing Mix Product/Service
Sky Zone Franchise- Indoor Trampoline Park Competitive Analysis Bargaining power of the buyer
Bargaining power of the supplier
Threat of substitution
Threat to entry
Economies of scale
Brand Loyalty Enticements to Invest SBA Loans
Up to 750,000
Private Investors
Interest rates between 6-10%
Combine Above Funding Options
Investors cover 40-50%
Loan Program
Up to 35,000- Gap Financing
Tax Stabilization
One rate or incrementally over 5 years
Vermont Tax Credit Programs
TIF Goal and Objective Price Target Market
Start up cost: $800,000 Ages 5-18
Sales Costs: $8-$100 Bennington Population 36,697
Under 5- 5.0%
Under 18- 20.0%
18 and up- 77.1% Place
1030 Water Street, North Bennington, VT 05257
30,000 sq. ft. for $4.50/sq. ft./ yr. Promotion/ Public Relation
Advertisements, Discounts
and Demos
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