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Kensuke's Kingdom

No description

on 2 January 2015

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Transcript of Kensuke's Kingdom

Significant Characters
Michael is a twelve year old boy who lives in London, England. He was swept of a boat and left stranded on an island without his family but he still was fearless, strong and never gave up.
Kensuke was an old Japanese soldier during World War 2 who was stranded on the island. Throughout the war he had lost his family and till then he was faithful, helpful and courageous.

Kensuke's Kingdom
The story first takes place in London. Then when Michael and his family sail in the Peggy Sue it sets in many different parts of the world such as Africa, Australia, Brazil, etc... The most common place the story is set in is in an island near Sydney.
Faith, friendship and never giving up are the secrets to survival and living a great life.
The Thing I Like The Most
The thing I liked the best about this book was the tension. For example, when Michael was swept overboard he saw something moving towards him, “Then a sudden glimpse of white in the sea. The breaking of a wave perhaps. But there were no waves.” (p.46). This shows how the author made the reader be hooked and made the reader continue reading the book to see what will happen next.
Favorite Character
My favorite character is Kensuke because he is a risk taker and never gives up. For example, when the killer men came to the island to kill the wildlife there. Kensuke suggested an idea to make the moneys go hide in his cave so the killer men won’t kill them. Unfortunately, in the end his idea didn’t succeed but he never gave up. This shows how Kensuke is heroic and is not willing to give up no matter what happens.
Michael, his parents and their faithful dog Stella set sail around the world in their yacht the Peggy Sue after their father had lost his job. Michael has never been so happy and then disaster strikes when he and his dog are swept overboard and find themselves stranded on an island where he discovers Kensuke, a previous Japanese soldier and a stubborn old man. Kensuke and the man took good care of Michael, so they all became loyal friends. Michael soon realizes that Kensuke is both rescuer and defeater because he has survived his life without his parents. Having lost his own family in the war Kensuke realizes he must do all he can to help Michael find his own family even though he desperately wants to keep his island secret from the outside world.
The survival and pain of a twelve year old boy Michael after he had lost his parents in the sea.
Favorite Part
My favorite part of the story was at the end. Where Kensuke told Michael about how he came to this island from Japan and about how he was in the tragic war. This showed Michael how fearless Kensuke is and it taught him how you should always have faith in yourself and the people around you.
Genre: This book is fiction
Rating: I rate this book ten out of ten because the plot was interested and I really liked the characters and how they had a special bond together.
Reading age: This book is intended to be read by students who are eight years old and older.

Thank you for watching !
by Michael Morpurgo
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