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REALcreative Web Design

How I go about creating new websites.

Phil Riehl

on 24 July 2011

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Transcript of REALcreative Web Design

Do you need a website? Want your site to be like this? ...or this? ...or this? Why? A lot of people use the internet. How are they found? How do we make it happen? 6 Steps: 1. What's the idea or purpose
of this project? 2. What kind of form will
it take? Obviously, a website. 3. What's the idiom, style or genre? 4. How will it be structured or composed? 5. How is it crafted; applying
problem solving skills? 6. Finally, we apply the finishing
touches; Production values and
extra details that bring it all
together. Section 1:
Planning and Composing Content A. Site Map B. Wire Frame C. Compositions Based on brand ID
3 separate designs
Elements can be modified or merged Section II:
Developing After Section I Approval 1 Template page is coded
and tested in all browsers Section III:
Finishing After Section II Approval All pages are linked and
populated with content Quality assurance is guaranteed Additional updates are implemented
once a month, or as needed Additional SEO Google Local Google Analytics Research Keywords Social Media On to the business side of things. Let's get creative. Additional Options: Content Management System eCommerce Integration 3 Packages 1. Good Up to 5 pages
1 Year Hosting $695 $895 5 - 10 pages
2 Year Hosting 2. Better 3. Best 10+ pages
Additional CMS, eCommerce options
5 Year Hosting $1000+ 50% Due at Signing

50% Due upon completion All Additional work billed @ $40/hr
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