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la tour eiffel

french project

Angelica Morales

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of la tour eiffel

La Tour Eiffel
(the Eiffel Tower)
By: Angelica Morales Resources
The Creation
Began January 26, 1887
Completed March 31, 1889
by Alexandre Gustave Eiffel created to celebrate the anniversary of the French Revolution The Eiffel Tower was turned into a radio transmitter.
early 20th century until 1950s 984 feet tall
weighs 7,300 tons.
18,038 pieces joined together
9,441 tons of highest quality of wrought iron
Alexandre Gustave Eiffel entered his design to a competition and won. every 7 years, 60 tons of paint is used to repaint
3 shades of brown
use brushes Kind of Interesting
tower may shift away from the sun up to 7 in.
due to thermal expansion of the metal
sways 2-3 in. due to the wind The lift cables were cut by the French when Adolf Hitler visited the Eiffel Tower in 1940. So that he would have to climb the 1792 steps to the top. He decided to stay on the ground.
4 tons of dusters & cleaning cloths,
10,000 doses of cleaning items,
400 liters of detergents and 25,000
bin bags are needed to clean Eiffel Tower. open 7 days a week
365 days a year
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