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Who invented the Crossbow?

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Tim Orr

on 13 December 2012

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Transcript of Who invented the Crossbow?

CROSSBOW? INTRODUCTION The inve Who Why What A crossbow a bow-like weapon that was made in about 678 BC. Crossbows were used around the world from China to Europe for war. Although it was slower than its ancestor, the bow, it packed a bigger punch but the reloading system was much slower. Today crossbows are used for recreational activities like shooting. WHEN The cross bow was invented in about 601 BC
late warring states period or in year (403-221 BC)
some archeological evidence shows crossbow developed in China during Copper Age (2000 BC). THE END! Thank You for Watching! Zhu Ge Liang was primeminister of Shu Kingdom
gifted in intelligence
assist emperor of Shu Kingdom (widely known)
fist Crossbow he invented general Crossbow (could shoot one arrow at time)
Then came Repeating Crossbow (Zhu Ge Liang) could shoot ten arrows at once
Inventions developed over years to come -this is the
repeating crossbow created by Zhu Ge Liang http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crossbow Sources Conclusion In conclusion the crossbow was a powerful weapon but not a fast one (excluding the repeating crossbow). The first crossbow that came, was not fully developed. But this crossbow helped lots because it was the foundation, of many new crossbows to come. http://www.atarn.org/chinese/rept_xbow.htm http://www.chineseinventions.org/chinese-inventions-crossbow http://science.howstuffworks.com/crossbow.htm The Crossbow Zhu Ge Liang Ancient Chinese Crossbow bolts Made to be used in battle (341 BC)
Used for hundreds of years by Chinese soldiers
Was a primary weapon in the military
It was often that Chinas enemies were armed with crossbows
Was developed over the years and was used until 1895 by troops in the China-Japan war. Soldiers in the China-Japan war The crossbow was more powerful and accurate than the bow
Took longer to reload
Make up of two sticks, one straight one curved
The trigger and string
Crossbows did not use arrows but used bolts
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