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An Introduction to Extemp

A presentation for the Clements Academic Speech Team explaining the speech event extemporaneous speaking.

Sarah Bernardo

on 13 October 2012

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Transcript of An Introduction to Extemp

A presentation for CAST by Sarah Bernardo Extemporaneous Speaking Speech is power:
speech is to persuade, to convert, to compel.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson EXTEMPORANEOUS:
(1) composed, performed, or uttered
on the spur of the moment : impromptu
(2) carefully prepared but delivered without notes or text Extemp is a speech event where competitors have 30 minutes to prepare a 7 minute speech on either domestic or foreign issues. What is Extemp? Categories Competitors receive topics at tournaments
Individual event
Preliminary round--> semi-finals round--> finals round
Emphasis on presentation and public sepaking Characteristics Tubs: contain a compilation of printed news articles and magazines for research

Legal pads and pens

Timer (if necessary)

Laptop (optional): Dropbox--> electronic library of news articles Tools There are lots of benefits!

~Improves your public speaking

~Increases your self-confidence

~Helps you to be a better debater

~ Teaches vital research skills and speech writing

~Makes you a more informed citizen

~Is a lot of fun! :) Why Should You Do Extemp? Foreign/International Domestic/United States Novice Extemp--> A category specifically for novices that includes a blend of foreign and domestic topics -Focuses on nations outside the US
-Broader topic variety
-Examples: international organizations
and relationships, foreign conflicts, etc. -Focuses on US issues
-More specific topics
-Examples: social issues, US politics, military, etc. Workshops are held every Wednesday after school

Workshop leader: Sarah Bernardo JOIN EXTEMP! NFL Nationals 2008 Samples of Speeches! Kentucky Finals Round 2011
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