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ToK presentation - Capital Punishment

No description

Zelda Zemzare

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of ToK presentation - Capital Punishment

ToK Presentation
by Gerda, Emily and Zelda
2013 Capital Punishment The case of Jodi Arias
and Gundars Paipala EMOTION Contemporary situation influence of emotion
in everyday decisions Emotional judgement
death penalty Is it really closure if every birthday and Christmas the family is reminded that their loved one is gone? Reason Reason the capacity for consciously making sense of things, applying logic, for establishing and verifying facts, and changing or justifying practices, institutions, and beliefs based on new or existing information.

(International journal for philosophical studies) iNFORMAL REASONING Acting on an anonymous phone call, the police raid a house to arrest a suspected murderer. They don't know what he looks like but they know his name is John and that he is inside the house. The police bust in on a carpenter, a lorry driver, a mechanic and a fireman all playing poker. Without hesitation or communication of any kind, they immediately arrest the fireman. How do they know they've got their man? To what extent do ways of knowing (emotion and reason) including various areas of knowledge (mathematics, human sciences, ethics) influence one’s judgement and necessity of capital punishment? a) to do all the work on a timely manner

b) to procrastinate Formal Informal Formal reasoning Logic Inductive Deductive The use of logic to arrive at an answer implies that that answer will be more measurably correct or not. Particular General General Particular General Particular therefore
Illegal music downloaders are murderers Hint: The police only know two things, that the criminal's name is John and that he is in a particular house. Solution: The fireman is the only man in the room. The rest of the poker players are women. AREAS OF KNOWLEDGE mATHEMATICS Is life imprisonment really
more expensive than death
penalty? human sciences Punishment = the best way how to sentence a crime? "Punished behavior is likely to reappear after the punitive consequences are withdrawn"

B.F.Skinner ETHICS The study of the general nature of morals and of the specific moral choices to be made by a person; moral philosophy. Religion Place of origin The legally authorized killing of someone as punishment for a crime MEDIA ETHICS conclusions tOk perspective Jodi aria's Case Can Jodi Arias change? Killed her ex-boyfriend Raped and murdered 11-year-old Justine Legzdina, hid her body
Did not rape for the first time a) b) Often we choose procrastination
Because it seems more pleasant although illogical A person who comes from a drug-dealer family in Bronx is sentenced to death

Generalization: all children from drug-dealer families are likely to be sentenced with death Creative reasoning Death Penalty and Reason Susan Sontag said that, “Thinking is a form of feeling...feeling is a form of thinking.” Are they related in this way? When follows directly after crime Capital punishment versus life imprisonment - is death penalty psychologically more harsh on the convicted subject? Whoever sheds the blood of a men, by man shall his blood be shed
(Genesis 9:6) Action, even if it brings benefit to oneself, cannot be considered a good action if it causes physical and mental pain to another being.
Buddha Whoever slays a soul, unless it be for manslaughter or mischief in the land, it is as though he slew all men.

Quar'an THANK YOU FOR ATTENTION! What is the role of reason in cases of death penalty? When reason and law confront emotion and human rights, is it moral to make the decision according to emotion? To what extent is it possible to control your emotions when matters of life and death are included? Is an action morally justifiable if it feels right? is it really
to find a
solution? If Jodi Arias has killed does she deserve to receive the same? Is death penalty really the answer? Murderers
harm to society Illegal music downloaders = harm to society Killers
deserve to die Jodi Arias
A killer Jodi Arias deserves to die Is applied consistently Punishment does not actually offer any information about more appropriate or desired behaviors. While subjects might be learning to not perform certain actions, they are not really learning anything about what they should be doing. HOW DO OUR BELIEFS AFFECT THE REASONING? ???
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