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PPM intro to Multimedia


ganesan murugesan

on 17 March 2010

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Transcript of PPM intro to Multimedia

PPM to Multimedia - Introduction and Training Plan Questions? need help? Contact PU & BLAM!!! What is PPM and why we need it? PPM - Product Planning and Management

PPM is the replacement of SMART (System for Managing and Reporting Titles) / Book track
SMART was developed 9 years ago to support 500 users
Difficult to source quality developers to work with outdated technology
Constantly rework SMART to keep up with Microsoft patches
No room for major enhancements or upgrades to the the core system
PPM is a solution that is vendor maintained and technologically current
Benefits of PPM!!! Unified system across global departments and divisions
Better forecasting
Increased efficiency by aligning processes
Better financial control through insight into profitability on an ISBN level
Enhanced quality and integrity of both product and customer data
In a much simpler way We use our author’s work to create multiple ways to sell the same content: offline, online, international editions etc
Different markets, different manifestations, different prices, different ISBNs
All from ONE SOURCE – the author’s manuscript.
PPM joins everything together in a strict, reportable and consistent way How it will look like? Multimedia Training Plan Thank you for your time Multimedia Power Users

1. Balaji Panneerselvam
2. Manju Thirumalaivasan
3. Saravanan Krishnan
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