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Quality Management

No description

Mark Wilkins

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Quality Management

Deming Chain Reaction
Total Quality Management
The Move to Six Sigma
Baldrige National Quality Program
ISO 9000 Certification

-how well a good or service satisfies customer preferences
Green Practices
Customer Focus
Quality through Organization
Empowerment of Employees
Prevention Rather than Correction (poka-yoke)
Commitment to Continuous Improvement
Total Quality Management
Quality Standards and Initiatives
Operations Management
The Move to Be
Lean and Green
Lean production
Just-in-time production
Green Practices
ISO 14000

Firms try to improve quality to launch programs designed to achieve certification or recognition from outside authorities.
1 common approach is participation in
The Baldrige National Quality Program
A national program to encourage American firms to focus on quality improvement.
Winners must demonstrate excellence in seven areas:
Strategist planning
Customer and market focus
human resource focus
Process management
Business result
Six Sigma
Focus on Quality
Organization-wide focus
reduce defects of operation or process to a level of 3.4 per million opportunities
requires extensive and expensive training
relies on expert advice
an advance approach in its application

Quality Standards and Initiatives
ISO 9000 Certification
*founded in 974
*160 nations
*18,500 international standards

ISO 9001
*management tool
*one million organizations

reducing investment in inventory
hold large inventory= high cost
just in time production methods
JIT techniques = very small inventories
lean firms count with the suppliers
Lean Production
*Strategies and practices to eliminate waste

Video Game Betas
Green Example-LED Light Bulbs
On a personal level- Buying a Car based on gas mileage
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