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The Marketing Mix: Pepsi

No description

Emma Slote

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of The Marketing Mix: Pepsi

Lets Learn About Pepsi! The Marketing Mix! Product
What Is It? This products name is Pepsi. It is a soda beverage packaged in a blue can with the Pepsi logo. A marketing campaign for this product was the One Direction and Drew Brees Pepsi Commercial. Pepsi's function is to quench thirst, and give back to communities through the Pepsi Refresh Project. Price
How Much? Pepsi has a low, affordable price that attracts consumers. If there is a high demand for the product, the price may be raised to gain more profit, and if there is a low demand the price may be lowered. Place
Where Can I Get It? Pepsi is sold in many places such as grocery stores, convenience stores, theatres, restaurants and vending machines. Promotion
Why Should I Get It? Pepsi uses many different advertisements and campaigns to sell their product. Some ways to get consumers to purchase products are personal selling and telemarketing which are effective, but not to a great level. Campaigns such as the One Direction and Drew Brees commercial attract more consumers. Pepsi is a high quality product that is now a well known name that people trust. However, Pepsi may not be the best option for a beverage. For example, Pepsi contains caffeine which makes it addictive, and citric acid which is not good for your body. If you have any question about Pepsi, the Pepsi company provides a telephone number and e-mail address you may contact. (1-800-433-2652) A can of Pepsi costs about $1.50 on average. Pepsi's main competition Coca Cola charges approximately the same price as Pepsi. More competition includes Sprite, Crush and many more soda companies that all charge about the same price as Pepsi. If soda companies started to charge more thank $2.00 a can for their product, I think they would lose consumers, because that is a high price for a small product. The distribution channel for this product is manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumers. Pepsi goes from the factory, to the warehouses, to retailers like grocery stores, where it is sold to Pepsi loving consumers! AIDA is the pathway for most consumers to purchase a product. It stands for Attract, Interest, Desire, Action. The campaign (such as the commercial) attracts the consumers, gets them interested in what the product has to offer, makes them desire the product, then take action to purchase it. Sales promotions in this campaign is getting celebrities to "enjoy" the product. Seeing this causes consumers to buy the product because it is associated with things or people they like. Pepsi's campaign has been seen all over the internet on youtube, facebook and twitter. Due to all the publicity from social communication, Pepsi gained more consumers and an increased profit on their product. So far, this commercial has not been copied by other companies, but since it is a newer advertisement, copy cats could appear in the future. Watch It! :) To see the One Direction and Drew Brees Pepsi commercial, click the video! The 4 P's In marketing campaigns, businesses use the 4 p's to attract consumer to their product. The 4 p's are product, price, place and promotion Thanks for watching :)
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