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7.02 Modern Warfare and Its Legacy: Assessment

No description

Kiyon Stevison

on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of 7.02 Modern Warfare and Its Legacy: Assessment

7.02 Modern Warfare and Its Legacy By: Kiyon R. Stevison
Tweet 1
The World War has now began, and both Americans and Germans are dangerously wounded. I have a huge feeling this battle will not have a great outcome.
Tweet 2
As I thought the battle has gotten a lot more out of control than before. Most of the soldiers that I have personally had the pleasure of making a friendship with have been devastatingly murdered by the German forces. Everywhere I look there is someone hurt or either dead.
Tweet 3
Most of our soldiers have been dropping their faith in the final outcome of this war. But I stand true to our country as my team help lead us to victory in hopes of seeing life again with our family.
Tweet 4
For some reason the war is making me have weird feelings and making me wonder how things are going back at home. Wondering if moms going to have a good hot plate ready for her son. I'm missing home.
Tweet 5
Our Five Star General has suddenly seen that I am skilled enough to join my team in the trench. People have told me that the trenches smell like rusty musk of dried blood and decaying flesh. At this moment i am not afraid because i am a soldier and if I return I will thank my general for having trust in me.
Tweet 6
After experiencing the trench and making it out alive my message back home would be:
"I have helped fought a great war with my team and stand firm for my country. I seen true soldiers that was even more dedicated than i was fighting for this nation and i want them to forever be remember."
Tweet 9
It is time to celebrate now that we have won the first half of this war, more soldiers are coming to our team and now everyone is enjoying the high of victory so far.
As the night starts to begin to come around you could hear the bullets from the gun making loud disturbance. As I try to rest into a comfortable sleep I see images playing through my head so instead I tried to think pass the time.
Tweet 8
Meanwhile the enemy tried to attack our team and fail to succeed and gave our soldiers a large amount of hope that we may make it our alive.We really needed that type of feeling to help build up courage.
Tweet 10
The Hundred days of offense has come and I am very hopeful that this will go ahead and end the war. I have great hope that I will be able to live through this and I know I can.
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